Laser Mole Removal / Skin Tag Removal

Mole Removal Brisbane & Gold Coast QLD

A no-scar technique for mole removal that’s far superior to traditional excision methods now at Ashbury Cosmetics.

Many patients are interested in removing moles or skin tags, particularly if they reside on the face or visible skin areas including the neck. However, the thought of a scar can sometimes be the barrier stopping them from making that step. Ashbury Cosmetic are proud to offer a no-scar technique using the latest laser technology to remove moles and skin tags without the need for incisions or stitches.

Why choose Ashbury Cosmetics for laser mole removal?

  • No scar technique
  • Latest erbium laser technology
  • No incision, no stitches
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Multiple moles can be removed
  • No time off work required
  • Walk in, walk out

Mole and Skin Tag Removal

Moles, skin tags and other such skin defects are quite common on the face and body. In most instances removing moles is a simple and virtually painless exercise with laser treatment. In most cases moles and birthmarks are benign. However, we do recommend that you get skin lesions assessed for skin cancer by a doctor.

The type of mole or skin tag that you have will determine the method of removal. The benefits of laser removal are:

  • Faster healing time because of the reduced redness, swelling and bruising
  • Often possible to treat darker pigmented skin tones
  • Can be used on the neck, chest and hands
  • Can be carried out with topical or local anaesthetic
  • Reliable, safe out-patient experience.

Latest in laser technology

Are you looking to remove moles or skin tags? Want to have smoother, cleaner looking skin?

At Ashbury Cosmetics in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, Dr James Chen and Dr Fitzgerald use the latest in laser technology to remove unwanted moles, skin lesions, skin tags, warts and scars. The erbium laser can vaporise those lesions away leaving small areas of thin skin which will heal after a few days. The no-scar technique is widely considered far superior to the traditional excision method that will leave a visible scar.

Ashbury Cosmetics would recommend that you cover the treated area from sunlight with either sunscreen or a bandage. It is important to make sure that when you do go outside that you are adequately protected from the sun.  We also recommend keeping the treated area clean in order to ensure that it does not become infected.

Mole Removal Brisbane & Gold Coast

Are you ready to remove your mole or skin tag? Contact the team at Ashbury Cosmetic to schedule your consultation.