Advance Wrinkle Treatments

Advance Wrinkle Treatments

As we age, one of the first places it shows is in our skin. Plump, smooth, wrinkle-free skin enjoyed in younger years becomes thin, soft and saggy.

A major problem in Australia, the baby boomer generation is realising how lying in the sun in their youth has caused skin damage ranging from sunspots and wrinkles, to premature ageing. It is no wonder that the doctors and nurses at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery have treated thousands of patient’s from all walks of life. If skin still needs something more substantial to correct sun damage, a chemical peel or laser treatment is an option to be considered.

Wrinkles cause stress to people who feel younger than the skin on their face professes. How deep the wrinkles are – and whether they are dynamic or static will determine which treatment is chosen.

Dynamic wrinkles include expression lines – frown lines, crow’s feet or horizontal lines on the forehead and neck – and can be treated with anti wrinkle treatment. “This stops the muscle that produces the line.” It obstructs the nerve from sending a message to the muscle to move.

Static wrinkles can be “filled”. Various dermal fillers will all fill wrinkles effectively and most treatments take only 20-30 minutes. No time is required off work.

Ashbury dermal filler has been specially designed for correction of facial contour deformities due to ageing, acne, trauma, surgery, and can be used for Cheekbones, Smile lines, Lip augmentation, Frown lines, and Depressed corners of the mouth, Chin and scars. Permanent filler is not indicated for treatment of fine wrinkles.

According to Dr James Chen and Dr Pearl Fitzgerald, Cosmetic Doctor’s at the Ashbury Clinic, this wrinkle filler is unique due to its stability and long lasting cosmetic results. After the injection of the filler a thin layer of the body’s own connective tissue surrounds the gel, enabling it to be a stable part in the connective tissue.

This is applied by using a fine needle; the gel is injected in thin strings under the skin. It settles as soft filler under the skin where it is injected. Immediately after injection, the doctor can lightly manipulate the area so that the contours are exactly as they should be. The doctor will use a local anaesthetic on the area treated, this will reduce discomfort. After the treatment the area may be a little swollen but this will subside after a day or two. Being mostly water, the body accepts the gel. As the gel is very elastic it moves with all facial expressions.

At Ashbury Clinic, their cosmetic doctors had been using laser/pulse light to remove hair, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation and veins for more than 10 years.

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