Chemical Peels –The Most Sought After Skin Care

Chemical Peels –The Most Sought After Skin Care

Chemical peels are becoming the most requested skin treatment at our clinics in Brisbane and Gold Coast…

Having smooth and youthful skin is a desired quality among many, and Ashbury Cosmetics in Brisbane and Gold Coast can treat your skin to help remove the superficially damaged layers with our chemical peels and laser treatments.

What will a chemical peel do for my skin?

Chemical peels are primarily used to improve the quality of your skin. We will remove layers of the skin that appear to be damaged to expose a look that is fresh, young and youthful. After a chemical peel the effects can be extremely rewarding, some of the benefits include:

  • Reduce your fine lines
  • Improve minor scarring
  • Accelerate the cell turnover rate of your skin
  • Improve your skin’s ability to maintain moisture
  • Help your skin produce more collagen
  • Decrease hyper pigmentation
  • Unclog pores and help clear up acne
  • Leave your skin smooth and soft
  • Give you that youthful glow and make your skin look more even-toned

So you’re putting chemicals on my face? Is this safe?

As the name ‘chemical’ peel suggests, we use chemical solutions to strip the damaged layers of the outer skin. At Ashbury Cosmetics we use the following chemicals to remove your damaged layers: AHA, BHA, Beta, Hydroxy, Acids, Lactic Acids and Phytotretinoin Peels.

BHAs are chemicals used for patients with thicker, acne prone, acne scarred, pigmented, clogged, oily and sebaceous skin.

Lactic Acids are most commonly used for softening fine lines, wrinkles, dehydrated mature skin types and hyperpigmented skin.

Phytotretinoin or Vitamin A peels are suitable for pigmentation, sun damage, oily, congested skin, fine lines, wrinkles, post-acne scarring and Rosacea.

These chemicals are clinically tested and safe to use on your skin, however before your treatment we will assess your skin and determine the most appropriate solution for you.

Can everyone get a chemical peel?

At Ashbury Clinic we will not perform a chemical peel if we think your skin is not suited for it. After a consultation where we can assess your skin, we will also discuss all of your skin treatment options to develop the most effective solution for your skin.

It is typically recommended that pregnant and nursing women do not receive peels as a precaution. There are no studies describing the effects of peels on fetuses or nursing babies and as such we take precautionary methods to avoid any future problems with your health or your child’s health.

We will not perform chemical peels if you are using or have used Accutane for less than 6 months. For patients who are prone to cold sores, we recommend taking an anti-viral medication before undergoing treatment. Often chemical peels can bring on an outbreak of cold sores if you are prone to them. Also if your skin has a high tendency to scar, or if you have an open sore, a chemical peel treatment may not be the best solution for you.

It’s important to note that everyone’s skin is different and will require a different treatment. Here at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we also offer laser treatments, which may be an alternative solution for your skin.

Laser treatment for your skin…

At Ashbury Clinic we use the revolutionary Erbium 5000C laser to gently remove the outer skin, layer by layer. So how does this treatment work? The Erbium laser uses very high energy beams of light to vaporize skin defects, which can penetrate the skin to a very precise, controlled depth, making the procedure safe and predictable, and reducing the risk of scarring or pigmentation problems. This may be a more effective solution for your skin type and after your consultation we will determine whether a chemical peel or laser solution is best for you.


For more information about our chemical and laser treatments please don’t hesitate to call our Gold Coast office at (07) 5570 6800 or our Brisbane office at (07) 3857 6188 or contact us online.