Confidence Boost with fuller look

Confidence Boost with fuller look

Breasts play an important role in sex appeal and femininity.

The decision to have a breast enlargement is a very personal one and for many women it has brought great personal satisfaction and a feeling of wellbeing. Their self-esteem and confidence are enhanced and their body image improved.

According to Dr James Chen, cosmetic doctor at the Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Centre, breast augmentation is usually performed as a day surgery procedure under sedation or general anaesthetic.

Several techniques are used and your doctor can help you decide which is most appropriate for you. The correct choice of implant (saline or cohesive silicone gel), positioning of the implant (in front or behind the muscle) and the incision used (under the breast, armpit or around the nipple) will vary with each patient.

Dr Chen emphasises that the procedure itself begins some weeks before the operation with a lengthy consultation to discuss the pros and cons and the patient’s concerns.

The most important aspect at this point is that the patient chooses the exact breast size she wants.

Two basic types of implant are available in Australia today: saline filled and cohesive gel filled implants. Both implants are available in anatomical (tear drop shaped) or rounded shape.

Saline implants are very safe and well tolerated. Deflation is, however, a potential problem with the saline filled implant and if this occurs, removal and replacement of the implant may be necessary. Saline implants may also tend to be relatively under filled in their upper part and be subject to a rippling effect at their upper aspect. Insertion of saline implants can be done via a smaller incision than with other implants.

Cohesive gel implants consist of a firmer type of silicone gel that resembles Turkish delight in consistency. Because this gel in not “runny” or a liquid in property, its use in breast implants has an almost zero incidence of leakage problems. These implants are also available in anatomical (tear drop) or rounded shape. Cohesive gel implants are giving excellent aesthetic results and are very popular in Australia.

Anatomical (tear drop) shaped implants offer the smaller breasted woman very natural breast shape. These implants maintain their shape in the standing or vertical position to give excellent upper breast pole fullness. Newer refined anatomical shapes are now available offering not only different sizes but also different heights, widths and projections within each size. These can be tailored to the individual shape of the patient undergoing augmentation to further improve results. Your surgeon will help you decide which implant is best for you. It is helpful to examine and feel the various implants available before deciding on which type you would prefer. Trying different sizes and shapes in your bra in front of a mirror is a useful way to help decide the right shape and size for you. The role of the cosmetic doctor is to confirm whether the choice is realistic. For the operation itself, the patient is administered sedation and the breasts are numbed with local anaesthesia infiltrations.

Once the patient is asleep, a tiny incision is made and a space created through which the implant is inserted.

Dr Chen says that it is important to adjust the implant until there is no doubt that it is in the right position. Then the cavity is closed using internal stitches to minimise any chance of scarring.

Afterwards, the patient wears a soft supportive garment like a sports bra.

For the first three or four days some swelling appears.

After two weeks most swelling has gone and a natural, aesthetically pleasing result is evident.

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