Cosmetic surgery holidays are becoming increasingly popular for Australians

Cosmetic surgery holidays are becoming increasingly popular for Australians

Around 10,000 Australians travelled to Thailand last year to receive discounted cosmetic surgery, and this is a trend that is on the rise annually.

Flights, accommodation and the cost of the surgery in Thailand can be found for less than half of the price of the surgery alone in Australia. Most patients are seeking breast augmentation overseas, and can pay as little as $2000 for a surgery that could cost $10,000 to $17,000 in Australia. Sounds like a bargain doesn’t it?

These discounted cosmetic surgical procedures can end up costing more than you think…

It is highly common for complications to occur with these breast augmentation procedures conducted in another country. This means that you may have to outlay the same amount of money to return to the country where your surgery was performed for corrections (and these may not even be successful on a second or third attempt). Many patients then turn to Australian doctors to correct their unsatisfactory breast augmentation procedures, further adding to the cost of their treatment.

A risk to your health and safety

In Australia, surgeons must comply with strict standards of procedure, sterilization and infection control and are accountable if anything goes wrong. If you undergo surgery in a foreign country these standards of safety and quality may not be adhered to, and so if anything does go wrong it may end up jeopardising your health, appearance and hip pocket.

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