Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Sweating

Many of our patients at Ashbury Cosmetics suffer from excessive sweating that can often become quite embarrassing.

With the new advances in technology, we now provide laser sweat gland ablation for longer lasting results that antiperspirants cannot quite achieve.

The causes and effects of hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is most commonly known as excess sweat and you may be familiar with this when it comes to specific areas of your body. Experiencing hyperhidrosis can be particularly irritating and embarrassing as it may limit you from going about your daily routine. For individuals who suffer from hyperhidrosis, it is quite common that you may experience sweat in the following areas:

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Armpits
  • Groin

These relevant areas are quite common due to a significant concentration of eccrine sweat glands that are simply activated when your body is moving, overheated, emotional or even adapting to hormonal changes. These are the factors that stimulate your sweat glands to show signs of hyperhidrosis.

How laser sweat gland ablation is performed

At Ashbury Cosmetics, we are now using the Cynosure Precision TX laser as our preferred choice of equipment, specifically focusing on the area of the underarms. This style of treatment to reduce excessive sweat is highly effective and is leaving many of our patients fully satisfied. The Precision TX is an 1140 NM wavelength laser that absorbs water and causes a micro bubble effect at the tip. The energy that the precision laser produces allows for a greater concentration of the tissue, which in turns generates greater results.

The entire process using the Precision TX laser is less disruptive as it can be performed on Ashbury Cosmetic’s own premises. This is a one-off procedure and it typically takes one hour to perform.

Removing your underarm sweat for good

If you think that this style of treatment is ideal for you, it is a requirement that we fully assess you in a one-on-one consultation. We recommend this procedure to patients who are going to benefit from it highly. In this same consultation, you will also be informed of the pros and cons of the procedure. In the post-treatment period, you may experience some degree of redness and bruising; it is recommended that you follow up for a treatment after one week to assess your results.

You may feel the need to take some pain killing tablets but in most circumstances, most of our patients do not feel the need to as they experience a quick recovery and return to a normal lifestyle within a couple of days.

With four locations across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, there is a clinic near you that can help say goodbye to your underarm sweat for good. For any further questions regarding laser sweat gland removal, contact our team today.