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Permanent Wrinkle Treatments

Tired of wrinkle injections that don’t last?

Restore firmness with our permanent wrinkle treatments.
Permanent Wrinkle Treatments in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast

Restore youthful firmness and proportions with our permanent wrinkle treatment options at Ashbury Clinic.

Ashbury Clinic has locations across both Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We have performed over 100,000 successful procedures for our clients.


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Wrinkle Injectables are non-surgical in nature and are an effective treatment for frown lines, forehead lines, and crows’ feet.

$100 Off Wrinkle Treatments

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This special will be given to the first 50 people to book their treatment. Redeemable for 1ml filler or two treated areas. Only applicable for new patients.

At Ashbury Clinic, our experienced team can help to undo the effects of wrinkles on your face by offering the latest and most effective treatments.

We offer three different methods of permanent wrinkle treatment. These include a permanent gel filler, Erbium laser resurfacing, and the face and neck lift. Your cosmetic doctors will discuss the best option to suit your individual needs.

If a non-invasive method is preferred, then an injectable permanent filler treatment can be used. This usually take 15 to 30 minutes. The permanent gel filler is a popular option at Ashbury Clinic. Clients can come into the clinic after office hours for a quick treatment and need no time off work.

This type of filler has been specially designed for the correction of facial contour deformities due to ageing, acne, trauma, and surgery; these fillers can be used on cheekbones, smile lines, lip augmentation, frown lines, and depressed corners of the mouth.

Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing

The Erbium laser resurfacing treatment has been proven over the years to be the best method to remove sun-damaged skin and wrinkles. In most cases, only one treatment is needed and is performed under local anaesthetic. Other treatments, like photo facial intense photo light technology, does not produce a result as dramatic as the Erbium laser in the removal facial wrinkles.

Laser skin resurfacing is performed by using an Erbium laser and produces far better results than fractional lasers in just one treatment. The Erbium is capable of delivering short bursts of energy. By focusing the laser on the surface of the skin, it is possible to remove wrinkles, scars, and many other skin blemishes without leaving a scar.

What are wrinkle injections?

Permanent filler is a transparent injectable gel for the correction of soft tissue deficiencies and tissue augmentation. This unique gel is permanent, non-absorbable, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and does not migrate from the injection site. Permanent filler is unique, due to its stability and long-lasting cosmetic results. After the injection of the filler, a thin layer of the body’s own connective tissue surrounds the gel, feeding it to a stable part in the connective tissue.

The permanent filler used at Ashbury Clinic is a cross linked product, which makes it stable and practically impossible for human body enzymes or bacterium to metabolise. Due to this, and a high viscosity, the gel remains in place at the site of injection and behaves as a natural part of the skin.

The gel is applied by using a fine needle injected in thin strings under the skin. It settles as a soft filler under the skin where it is injected. Immediately after injection, your doctor at Ashbury Clinic will lightly manipulate the area so that the contours are exactly as they should be. Local anaesthetic will be used on the area to reduce discomfort. Immediately following the treatment, the area may be a little swollen, but this will recede after a day or two.

How long do wrinkle injections last?

The effect of the injection of the product is permanent.

How does laser skin resurfacing compare to other methods of wrinkle treatment, like chemical peels, facelifts, dermabrasion, and sanding?

Laser skin resurfacing is performed by an experienced professional and is much more precise and safer than a deep chemical peel. It is also possible to remove moderately deep wrinkles around the mouth, eyelids, and other sensitive areas without the scarring risk of a deep chemical peel. One of the serious side-effects of chemical peeling is an effect on the heart caused by a chemical in the deep-peeling agent. Laser skin resurfacing, on the other hand, has no internal side effects. Deep chemical peels can also leave the skin unnaturally white, scarred, and porcelain in appearance. Laser skin resurfacing leaves the skin smooth, soft, and normal in colour.

Light and medium chemical peels are often not effective in removing the medium-to-deep wrinkles that can be removed with a laser peel. Laser is better everywhere.

Facelifts only help with folds and sagging of the skin. A facelift does nothing for the wrinkles on the upper lip, bridge of the nose, frown area, eyelid, forehead, and most areas of the chin. A facelift does, however, take out the extra sagging skin that hangs and produces jowls. Some people may need both a facelift and a laser peel to obtain maximum improvement if they have a lot of loose, sagging, and wrinkled skin.

Do you have a question?

Get in touch with the professional team of staff at Ashbury Clinic by phone or email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Permanent Wrinkle Treatments in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

If you would like to know more about wrinkle treatments, please contact us.

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Permanent Wrinkle Treatments Brisbane & Gold Coast

If you would like to know more about the permanent wrinkle treatments, and what Ashbury Clinic in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast can do for you, please contact us today.

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    Permanent Wrinkle Treatments
    Permanent Wrinkle Treatments
    Permanent Wrinkle Treatments
    Permanent Wrinkle Treatments
    Permanent Wrinkle Treatments
    Permanent Wrinkle Treatments
    Permanent Wrinkle Treatments
    Permanent Wrinkle Treatments
    Permanent Wrinkle Treatments
    Permanent Wrinkle Treatments

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