Frequently Asked Questions Ashbury

At Ashbury Cosmetics in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast we have put together answers to the most popular questions patients ask us

With any surgery, there are some risks involved. During your initial consultation with one of our skilled, friendly and expert team members we will discuss with you the possible risks and complications. This will allow you to be fully aware of what to expect from each treatment.

This depends on the treatment or procedure you undergo. To find out more, check out the individual treatment pages.

No, treatments like the Dermapen do not have downtime but there may be some redness or soreness depending on the procedure or treatment.

At Ashbury Cosmetics in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast we offer breast enlargements, nipple elevation and breast reductions.

If you are healthy, near your ideal weight and have realistic expectations of what cosmetic surgery is able to achieve then you may be a suitable candidate, visit Ashbury Cosmetics at either our Brisbane or Gold Coast clinics.

Anti-ageing procedures are elective and therefore performed at the discretion of a patient. Although there are ethical boundaries around performing cosmetic procedures on minors, the majority of anti-aging procedures can be performed as soon as you become concerned about the effects of ageing.

Some patients may have bruising, redness, swelling and asymmetry directly after anti-wrinkle injections have been administered. However, when using legal, quality injections there are few known long-term side effects. Although there are fears about shifting and moving of fillers, Ashbury clinic offers injectables that rarely move or become lumpy.

The number of treatments depends completely on the severity of your concern as well as what products you and your doctor have decided to use.

Most treatments last between 6-12 months. With regular anti-ageing injections at Ashbury, effects can be seen longer term.

Yes! At Ashbury Cosmetics, we perform laser hair removal with the use of the iPulse, which is one of the quickest and most convenient hair removal techniques. The iPulse uses targeted wavelengths of light to get rid of hair. The energy from the iPulse actually penetrates the skin, which means that you don’t have to wait for signs of hair growth before receiving your next treatment. The entire permanent hair reduction process is usually completed in 4 to 7 treatments, each of which is comfortable and fast.

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is a condition caused by a concentration of sweat glands that are activated when your body is moving, overheated, emotional or adapting to certain emotional changes. In individuals with hyperhidrosis, these factors tend to overstimulate the sweat glands, leading to excess sweating. The condition can affect many areas of the body, although the most commonly affected areas include the hands, feet, armpits and groin. While the condition is generally harmless, it can cause discomfort. For this reason, we offer treatments to effectively reduce excessive sweating.

We offer sweat gland ablation with the use of the Cynosure Precision TX laser, which works by significantly reducing excessive sweat. The laser absorbs water and causes a microbubble effect at the tip, producing energy that is applied to the tissue of the sweat glands. This kind of laser treatment is very precise and less disruptive than other methods. We perform the procedure at our premises as a once-off treatment. The procedure generally takes just 1 hour to complete. We do, however, recommend that you come in for a follow-up consultation a week after your treatment so that we can assess your results.

The work of most anti-wrinkle injections is to inhibit the movement of the muscles reducing the appearance of wrinkles. This may change how your face moves and the range of your facial expressions, when performed correctly you can still be able to show expression. Sometimes however, after anti-wrinkle injections your expressions may be a little milder.

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