Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation Brisbane & Gold Coast

Hand rejuvenation with collagen inducing filler that can restore the volume in your hands.

  • Simple, safe and effective rejuvenation
  • Stimulates the skin’s production of collagen
  • Restores volume in the skin
  • Smooths away wrinkles
  • Improves skin quality in the long-term

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Hand Rejuvenation Brisbane & Gold Coast

“At Ashbury Cosmetics, we are excited to offer patients a simple, safe and effective rejuvenation treatment to restore the beauty in your hands.”

Dr James Chen

Remove the ageing effects of harsh conditions

Our hands play a significant part in how we communicate and present ourselves.

They are always on display and subject to the harshest of conditions, and often the first place to show the signs of ageing.

Healthy young skin contains high levels of collagen that provides volume, flexibility and strength. As part of the ageing process, the skin’s natural collagen breaks down, resulting in the loss of volume. Most people wish to undergo rejuvenation treatments to refine and refresh their facial appearance, and often forget about our two main assets – our hands.

Are you concerned with the appearance of your hands?

You are not alone. 95% of women believe that wrinkled, lined or rough hands can make a person appear older. 88% of women wish their hands were smoother. 87% of women wish their hands looked younger.

With age, you will begin to notice the fatty tissue beneath the skin on your hands has diminished. This loss of elasticity and volume results in your veins and tendons to become more visible, and strips the skin of its youthful appearance.

Collagen stimulation treatment

The latest advances in aesthetic technology have introduced a collagen stimulation treatment, the lifting filler, to revive the beauty in your hands. The treatment is designed to improve volume correction in the hands. It is an innovative gel formula that can stimulates the body’s collagen production, resulting in immediate and long-lasting volume in the skin.

The unique collagen boosting properties are completely safe and a premier treatment to reduce the appearance of veins, wrinkling and tendons in hands.

Long-term collagen stimulation

The collagen stimulation treatment is gently injected by your Ashbury cosmetic physician into the hands. For patient comfort, the cosmetic injector may apply a local anaesthetic to the treated area. The filler provides an immediate and visible effect, improving over the following weeks and months as the new collagen is produced, making your skin plumper and more elastic. The treatment results often last between 9-12 months, while improving the skin quality in the long-term.

Treatment results

Volume loss – the treatment restores and corrects the volume in the hands, diminishing the visibility of veins and tendons.

Lines – our collagen stimulation treatment delivers a premier plumping effect to the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and lines.

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Rejuvenate your hands with Ashbury Cosmetics

The lifting filler is offered at Ashbury Cosmetics to treat a range of aged hand concerns. Ashbury Cosmetics provides the highest standards in hand rejuvenation and personalised care. Our team ensure cognisance for the sensitivity and compassion of their patients coupled with extensive experience. In our personalised approach and empathic environment, you can feel assured that you’ll receive world-class cosmetic care.