3 Misconceptions About Liposuction Uncovered

3 Misconceptions About Liposuction Uncovered

Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery clears up the confusion about liposuction treatments…

Recent studies show Australia outspending our American counterparts in cosmetic surgery procedures, liposuction among one of the most popular of these treatments. With the number of procedures rising steadily over the past decades, such progress was achieved in part to the change in the conception of plastic surgery and more accessibility to information about the procedure itself. Unfortunately, patients still address our clinic with old or incorrect information. Liposuction is still commonly misunderstood and confused by the general public, so what can we do to change this? At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we want to help ensure the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding liposuction treatments are cleared up.

Defining liposuction…

Liposuction is a procedure that can effectively re-shape the body through the removal of fat pockets that are positioned in various locations around the body. The procedure involves using a small tube that is inserted into the fat pocket between the muscle and skin, which removes the fat through suctioning.

At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery it is important for our patients to have thorough understanding of the procedure, which is why we place such importance on ensuring that you fully understand the process and suitability of any procedure you might wish to undertake. Before you receive your liposuction treatment you will undergo a consultation to discuss your desired results and any health concerns that you may have.

To clear up the misconception towards liposuction here are some basic myths often associated with the procedure:

1# Liposuction is only for women

Liposuction is becoming increasingly popular among men interested in getting rid of access fat. A report last year showed that approximately 40,000 men had liposuction making it one of the most popular cosmetic treatment among males ahead of male breast reduction and Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). While women are still the most likely to receive liposuction treatments, let it be known that this treatment can benefit both men and women.

2# Liposuction is painful

Innovative technology has helped to ensure patient comfort and treatment efficiency. We find at Ashbury Cosmetics that pain is rarely, if ever, experienced during any treatment, and often only minor post-operative discomfort occurs. It is important that our post operative care instructions are thoroughly followed to ensure that your procedure provides the best results and allows you to heal as quickly and successfully as possible.

3# Liposuction can be used as an alternative to exercise

Proper diet and exercise is the only way to maintain your body weight and should be used before and after your liposuction treatment. A good exercise regime is important to maintain weight at a stable point before and after surgery. There is no point in receiving liposuction if you intend on treating your body poorly afterwards. It should be known that liposuction is not a permanent solution to weight gain. Anyone can easily gain back the weight if excess calories are consumed without a proper diet plan and exercise routine. While Liposuction removes fat cells from the body, it does not guarantee that fat is not deposited again. The purpose of this treatment is to treat your problem areas, which can then be controlled with regular exercise and diet.

If you are considering liposuction, try to educate yourself on the treatment as much as possible. Here at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we pride ourselves on educating our patients as much as possible before our treatments.

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