318,123 breast implant surgeries carried out in 2010

318,123 breast implant surgeries carried out in 2010

Breast implant surgery is up around 37%; breast lift is up 70%

As cosmetic surgery becomes more mainstream women are becoming more aware of the variety of choices they have.

Overall breast implant surgery is the most popular form of cosmetic surgery for women. However, according to research since 2000 the number of breast lifts is up 70%, while the number of breast implant surgeries is only up around 37%.

When it comes to breast implant surgery though, 37% represents quite a lot; whereas the low number of breast lifts in 2000 would allow the percentage to rise quite high. To put it in numbers:

There were fewer than 53,000 breast lifts in 2000 and last year there were over 90,006. Last year for breast implants there were over 300,100.

Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco said “breast implants were the greatest decision of my life.”

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment.

Today’s cosmetic surgery can provide natural looking results, so it can—sometimes—be hard to tell if a person has had work done. Occasionally, there are slideshows on magazine sites comparing celebrities with natural and fake breasts: more often than not, without a before and after photo you could never tell.

The female star of The Big Bang Theory said she did not regret getting breast implants 10 years ago and said it was the best decision she has ever made.

For some women, getting breast implant surgery has been about improving the way they look because, for them, this impacts how they feel about their body. This surgery is a personal choice and should revolve around what you want.

Ashbury Cosmetics in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast offers a range of breast procedures to suit your needs.

Breast lift surgery is up 70% beating breast implants 2 to 1

While breast implant surgery is still the most popular treatment, more and more women are going for breast lifts. Especially—according to new research— women between 35-50, which account for 75% of breast lifts.

A large number of these women are mums who aren’t going to have children anymore, and who want to restore their pre-baby body. Generally though, mums who have decided they won’t be having children may also opt for liposuction and a tummy tuck to restore their pre-baby physique.

This combination of treatments is most commonly known as a mummy makeover and is a fairly popular idea.

Do I get a breast lift or breast implants?

Whether you get a breast lift or breast implants depends on what you are after. Some of our patients were happy with their breasts and simply wanted a perkier or more lifted appearance: so for them a breast lift gave them the results they were after. Other women feel they want to go up a cup size and so discuss with our experienced team what would work best for their body type.

When you come into Ashbury Cosmetics we offer a range of breast procedures:

  • Breast implants
  • Breast lift
  • Nipple elevation

Our highly successfully, experienced and expert team are here to support you through your transformation.

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