32-year-old man describes himself as the Human Ken doll

32-year-old man describes himself as the Human Ken doll

A man who has undergone over 90 surgeries won’t stop until he looks like Barbie’s ex-boyfriend

A man in America has undergone over 90 surgeries to reach his goal of looking like a human Ken doll. The surgeries consisted of several nose jobs, silicone injections and liposuction. So far his quest has cost him around $100,000!

At Ashbury Cosmetics we aim to provide our clients with a natural look…

At Ashbury Cosmetics in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we endeavour to supply our clients with high quality treatments that will provide a natural and enhanced result. At our Brisbane and Gold Coast cosmetic surgery clinics, we offer liposuction treatments for both men and women.

Liposuction for men…

For some men, exercising and weight lifting may not be enough to achieve the body of their dreams. While the underlying muscle tissue may be toned and developed, the deposits of fat cells beneath the skin can lessen the appearance of toned muscle tissue. It is for this reason that many men opt for liposuction as the final touch to achieving their ideal body.

Liposuction for women…

The female form is comprised of bumps and curves that accentuate femininity. While these bumps and curves can often heighten a woman’s sense of attractiveness, regions such as the abdomen and thigh pose issues in terms of their size and shape. Liposuction for women is an increasingly common process that offers advanced technological and procedural methods for greater levels of comfort and safety before, during and after surgery.
It is important to consider all of the variables before undergoing any liposuction procedure as the overall health and suitability of the individual must be carefully considered before treatment. At Ashbury Cosmetics we will always talk you through each treatment and what it involves so you can make an educated decision about your surgery.
For more information on our liposuction treatments or to book a consultation at our Brisbane or Gold Cost clinic, please contact us.