4 celebrities who have had liposuction

4 celebrities who have had liposuction

Liposuction helps to sculpt problem areas of the body for a smoother, slimmer contour.


A slim figure with smooth contours is something that most women dream of. Thanks to advancements in the field of cosmetic surgery, liposuction is now much less invasive than it used to be. In fact, the procedure requires very little downtime and produces some very effective results by permanently removing fat from the body.

While there was once a stigma attached to cosmetic procedures, more and more people are opening up about the benefits of treatments like liposuction. Some of our favourite stars are among those who have revealed their choice to improve their appearance by means of liposuction…

Susan Sarandon
Actress Susan Sarandon openly admitted to opting for liposuction some years ago. She actually chose to have the procedure done on her face in order to reduce fat deposits under her chin and eyes.

Liposuction works by removing fat that is located between the muscle and skin and is a safe procedure, even on sensitive areas of the body.

Star Jones
TV personality Star Jones famously lost a considerable amount of weight after undergoing bariatric surgery. She chose to have liposuction as well to help improve the contours of her new figure.

It’s important to note that while fat cells are permanently removed during a liposuction procedure, it is essential that you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle after treatment. Maintaining a stable and healthy body weight will ensure that you can enjoy the results of liposuction in the long term.

Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne is famously open about the fact that she has been for numerous cosmetic procedures over the years. She admitted to having liposuction on her arms and legs (as well as a tummy tuck) after losing a considerable amount of weight.

One of the liposuction options that we offer is laser liposuction or SmartLipo, which is an effective treatment for significant fat removal, as well as skin tightening. It’s a good option if you are struggling with loose, sagging skin after weight loss.

Kyle Richards
Another celebrity to have openly admitted to having liposuction is Real Housewives star, Kyle Richards. The reality TV personality decided to address her abdominal area and love handles as she felt self-conscious about stubborn deposits of fat after having four children. The procedure effectively removed fat and helped her achieve a much slimmer silhouette.

The abdomen and waist are common areas of concern, and reshaping these parts of the body can go a long way in restoring confidence.

If you would like to find out more about the liposuction treatments that we offer, please take a look here. We offer both traditional liposuction and laser liposuction and recommend that you come in for a consultation to find out which one is right for you.

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