5 reasons people choose to have cosmetic surgery

5 reasons people choose to have cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is many things to many people: but one question asked often is, “why did you have cosmetic surgery?”

Glossy magazines, TV and the internet have all created an image of the ideal body. This has led to a surge in cosmetic surgery from the weirdly obsessive, the strange right through to what might be considered average.

The weirdly obsessive use of cosmetic surgery draws criticism that:

  • Everyone who has cosmetic surgery has to be insecure
  • They are all shallow
  • They are all reinforcing narcissism in our culture

Which is extreme. Not to mention unfair. There are always going to be a few bad eggs who fan the flames of this sort of criticism. However, for hundreds of thousands of people who undergo cosmetic surgery every year they don’t turn into Barbie or Dobby the House Elf.

Why the average person undergoes cosmetic surgery

The average person who undergoes cosmetic surgery does so—generally speaking—for five reasons:

  1. They want to.
  2. They feel like it.
  3. They think it would look nice.
  4. It’s their body and they can do what they want with it.
  5. They had an injury or illness that altered their physical appearance.

Which raises an interesting question: if “an average person” gets cosmetic surgery for the above five reasons, what differentiates the weirdly obsessive from the average person?

Can any one person draw that line? Any one person can certainly sit back and judge. After all, judging is easy—but what does it say about a person who wants to look like one of the most internationally recognised dolls?

Or someone who—whether you agree or not—looks like a character out of the Harry Potter series? Is it narcissism?

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