Achieve Elegant Ears with Ear-pinning!

Achieve Elegant Ears with Ear-pinning!

If you are uncomfortable with your large or protruding ears, at Ashbury Cosmetics we can treat this issue with our ear-pinning cosmetic procedure

Pinning the ears back, so that they lie in a more flat position against the head, is a simple and elegant solution to the problem and can be completed on children as young as six as well as adults of all ages.

Bullying, physical appearance and self esteem

The presence and positioning of overly large or protruding ears can have the effect of installing an inherent level of self-consciousness in the individual. ‘Dumbo’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’ are just two of the unpleasant analogies that sufferers are subject to, particularly when going through the difficult years of school and potential bullying. This is one of the reasons that a recent survey found that over 68% of parents would allow their child to have their ears pinned back if it prevented bullying.

The ear-pinning procedure at our Gold Coast and Brisbane cosmetic clinics

Corrective ear surgery can involve either the reshaping or removal of some of the cartilage behind the ear, with the subsequent incision being sutured back together. As the incision is made behind the ear it is not only hidden in the ears natural creases, but can also prove very faint in nature. Dissolving sutures mean that returning to the doctor is often not needed.

This ear surgery is generally conducted in around an hour and can even be combined with other facial procedures. Local anaesthetics are most often used in addition to various drugs taken before and after surgery to maximise your comfort.

To find out more about the ear-pinning procedures we offer at our Gold Coast and Brisbane cosmetic clinics, please contact us.