Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery has the Non-Surgical Answer to Varicose Veins

Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery has the Non-Surgical Answer to Varicose Veins

If Your Varicose or Spider Veins Are Causing You Problems We Have a Non-Surgical Way to Alleviate Your Pain

The removal or varicose and spider veins is one of the most popular treatments at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery.

Varicose and spider veins are uncomfortable and unsightly and we have the safe, swift and painless process to help you. The treatment for varicose or spider veins at one of our clinics is completed in minimal time and without the need for surgery.

At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery Clinic we are confident in our ability to provide you with the best treatment to suit your individual needs. Whether you are suffering from red veins, varicose veins, spider veins, thread veins or capillaries we have the treatment to help you walk in comfort and with ease.

Everyone’s Got Veins, What Are So Different About Varicose or Spider Veins?

These veins supply the lungs and heart with oxygen through the blood and when that blood flow becomes restricted, it can cause the veins to become enlarged. This in turn causes blood to pool in specific areas. Varicose or spider veins are those veins that become visible on the surface.

Varicose veins are most common in thighs and legs as this where pressure is often focused. The difference between varicose veins and spider veins is:

  • Varicose veins look like bulging veins and occur in specific areas
  • Spider veins can appear anywhere. Such as the face, thighs, ankles and feet. Spider veins are thinner than varicose veins and appear in small clusters

There are a number of factors that cause varicose veins and spider veins, such as pregnancy, weak veins, lack of fibre in the diet, prolonged sitting or standing as well as other symptoms.

How Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Can Help You…

While it is not uncommon for both men and women to develop varicose or spider veins it is more common in women.

Thanks to advances in medicine, there are now new and innovative treatment methods that are effective in removing the appearance of varicose or spider veins.

Our range of treatments are effective for treating veins are Sclerotherapy, Laser treatment or EVLT.

  • Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy involves an injection of liquid that causes the visible veins to shrink. The end result of this treatment is that the vein to collapse and become reabsorbed by the body.
If your varicose or spider veins are of a larger size then we would recommend this treatment for you.

  • Laser Treatment

Laser treatment uses pulsing beams of light to target specific areas and is a great option for getting rid of varicose or spider veins. The pulsing beam of light causes the visible veins to collapse and become reabsorbed by the body. This effectively decreases the visible state of the vein.

Typically, we would recommend laser treatments for patients with smaller visible veins.

  • EVLT

EVLT stands for Endo Venous Laser Treatment. Conducted in the doctor’s local practice, this treatment takes around an hour to perform.

Considered a high-tech version of Sclerotherapy, EVLT involves inserting a catheter into the affected vein. The vein is shrunk and sealed by a radio frequency or laser energy ablation sent through the catheter.
Using the latest technology for treating unwanted veins, Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has the solution to your problem.

For more information on how we treat unwanted veins, or to book a consultation at one of our conveniently located surgeries in Brisbane or one the Gold Coast, please contact us today.