Banish bad acne with laser treatment available at Ashbury Cosmetics

Banish bad acne with laser treatment available at Ashbury Cosmetics

Acne can be a source of distress and lack of confidence – reclaim your quality of life today with advanced laser treatment

It is hard to escape the effects of acne, and is one of the primary reasons why many Australians lack self-esteem. Although acne is usually experienced throughout puberty, it can continue through to later life, causing varying degrees of suffering and distress in the client.
One of the largest problems with acne is the scarring it can leave behind, which can leave large areas of blemishes and unevenness in the skin.

Discover smooth, beautiful skin again…

At Ashbury Cosmetics located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we have experienced and knowledgeable treatment staff and methods for effective and efficient removal of acne scarring without discomfort by utilising our advanced and innovative laser acne scar removal technology.

Don’t shy away anymore…

With our efficient laser treatment technology, you can finally be rid of your acne and the scarring it can create. Stop shying away and start being the life of the party again with our effective treatments that can help you reclaim your confidence!
At Ashbury Cosmetics you can discover for yourself why so many of our clients have received positive and long lasting results to their acne problems and continue to recommend our treatments to other patients.
For more information on our laser treatments in Brisbane and the Gold Coast or to book a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.