Be Confident about your Breast Augmentation Surgery with Ashbury Cosmetics

Be Confident about your Breast Augmentation Surgery with Ashbury Cosmetics

A recent study found that a majority of patients were confident about opting for breast augmentation surgery

A recent study published by an overseas Society of Plastic Surgeons stated that a big majority of women who received breast augmentation surgeries were happy with the results.  Here at Ashbury Cosmetics located on the Gold Coast and Brisbane we know the results of breast augmentation surgery involve more than just a physical improvement in appearance.  Women who have had breast implants reported improved self-esteem and reported that their friends had commented on their aura of confidence which has improved how they hold and regard themselves and their general quality of life.

The study took five years and involved 225 women who were asked questions about their quality of life, recovery, and the psychological effects of the surgery. When asked to rate the result of their treatment, over half the women surveyed gave it 10 out of 10 and 98% said that the results far exceeded their expectations.

Patient satisfaction is the most important thing regarding any cosmetic surgery

The importance of this survey is that it delivers the results from the point of view of the patient instead of the surgeon. Here at Ashbury Cosmetics Clinic located in Brisbane our number one priority is to ensure that you are happy with your choice and our performance of your surgery. We measure our surgical success on patient satisfaction and always take feedback on board. We can guarantee that by selecting Ashbury as your surgical provider we can provide you with meticulous standards of breast augmentation and a wealth of support during your consultations with one of our esteemed doctors.

At Ashbury Cosmetic Clinic we have the expertise to ensure this procedure enhances more than your bust…

At Ashbury Cosmetic Clinic in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast we offer a range of options to suit your needs. Firstly, there are two ways that breast implants are positioned:


These implants are placed behind the breast and the pectoral muscle structure.


These implants differ from the sub-muscular in that instead of being placed behind the pectoral muscle they are placed over the pectoral muscles covering the chest.

Secondly, to go with these two ways of positioning the breast implants are the three incision sites a surgeon may use:

     1. Inframammary Incision:

This is a convenient and discrete option as the incision is made through the fold where the breast and chest meet.

      2. Periaroelar Incision:

This incision is practically invisible because of where this incision is (around the edge of the nipple) .

      3. Transaxillary Incision:

The incision is made under the arm and scarring in the armpit area is can be almost negligible.

Everyone’s needs are different…

We can provide breast enhancement surgeries in Mt Gravatt, Indooroopilly, Windsor and on the Gold Coast. When you visit one of our esteemed practices for a consultation one of our reputable and competent doctors will sit down and have a thorough discussion with you about what the best options are to suit your needs.  We will discuss size, shape (tear or round) and the details of the surgery to ensure that you are one hundred percent confident in your choice.

A breast implant can help you obtain a sense of youthfulness and vitality and improve your self-confidence. Larger, more defined breasts can also give you a heightened sense of happiness and confidence which comes with these symbols of womanly allure.

For more information on our breast implant surgery, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located cosmetic surgery, please do not hesitate to contact us.