Beautiful Bosoms: Breast Enlargement and Reduction with Ashbury Cosmetics

Beautiful Bosoms: Breast Enlargement and Reduction with Ashbury Cosmetics

Have you been considering breast augmentation or reduction? Do your breasts seem to go east-west or simply fall south? Ashbury Cosmetics is here to help.

In today’s society we are surrounded by stories about picture-perfect celebrities and we are left pining after their perfect, slender bodies. As we can often feel like ‘mere mortals’ compared to their voluptuous curves and beautiful figures, we forget the dedication and money they have invested in their bodies to make them that way. A desirable and voluptuous appearance is achievable by anyone; you don’t have to have a 1 million-dollar salary to get the breasts you’ve always wanted.

Breasts are associated with womanly confidence, allure and sexuality and are often a point of focus for self-confidence issues. To help boost your confidence, and to help you realise that celebrities cause unrealistic body expectations, we have a list of celebrity’s which are suspected to have had breast implants or augmentation surgeries.

  • Halle Berry: This ‘bond bombshell’ used to have a lot smaller, boyish breasts.
  • Fergie: This star used to have an athletic build with small breasts, she must have had some type of breast augmentation to achieve that ‘Fergalicious’ body.
  • Pamela Anderson: The most infamous of breast augmentation surgeries, she had beautiful breasts to begin with and yet is known to have had multiple breast enlargement surgeries. This is why we suggest a consultation with one of our cosmetic doctors at Ashbury Cosmetics to help you pursue a realistic and natural looking bosom.
  • Victoria Beckham: Back in her ‘Posh Spice’ days she had a much more slender model-like body, with a flat chest, now Mrs. Beckham has a beautiful, bigger chest, still suited to her body frame.

As you can see even celebrities have imperfections and self-confidence issues. Wanting breast augmentation or reduction is nothing to be ashamed of and now that safe breast surgery is achievable and affordable you no longer have to risk your life overseas with international cosmetic surgeons who don’t adhere to Australian regulations and quality standards. Ashbury Cosmetics has a range of options for you no matter what your breast issue, including enlargement, nipple elevation, male breast reduction and female breast reduction & lift.

Small breasts are not the only body issue people have self-confidence issues with. Having breasts that are too large can also affect body image and hinder physical performance due to the weight and buoyancy of the breasts. This can put stress on the back while running or exercising and it can also be very difficult to find a bra or dresses without having to place a special order.

Breast Reduction & Lift

Ashbury Cosmetics can provide this procedure if you wish to have a smaller, more supple bust. We alter the breasts by extracting excess glandular and fatty tissue. As larger breasts can often result in more droopy nipples, most of our patients wish to have a breast lift during the same surgery so that their breasts are able to look as beautiful as possible. If nipples are your only breast issue, Ashbury Cosmetics also offer nipple elevation to make the breasts appear higher and suppler.

Breast Enlargement

There are a number of different incision options for breast enlargements. The implant can be inserted under the arm, through the inframammary fold (beneath the breast) and the edge of the nipple. The Implant can be positioned in a number of different ways also, affecting scar tissue and the implant rubbing on the muscle (which makes them more prone to losing shape).

What about scarring?

While scars do not disappear completely, if you follow Ashbury Cosmetics’ recommendations of no physical activity for at least a month, and staying away from work for at least a week you will see a much better result. Bio-Oil can also be used to massage into the skin after the stitches have been taken out to keep the skin supple and reduce stress to the skin.

Get the beautiful breasts you’ve always wanted and transform your image and confidence today. To discover more about the breast augmentation and reduction procedures we offer, or to arrange a consultation at our Brisbane and Gold Coast cosmetic surgical clinics, please contact us.