Breast Enhancement Is About More Than Just Looking Good

Breast Enhancement Is About More Than Just Looking Good

Looking Good Is a Big Part of It

It is important when considering surgery that you understand what is involved. At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we encourage our patients to ask questions. Better you are informed about what is to happen. Also, it allows us to see whether or not your expectations are realistic.

Breast enhancement surgery is one of the top three plastic surgery procedures. In 2011 breast augmentation was the second most popular plastic surgery procedure and in 2012 it was the most popular.

Transform Your Image With The Help Of Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery…

There is a reason breast enhancement surgery consistently remains in the top three most popular cosmetic surgeries. One reason is because as technologies and techniques evolve it makes the procedure safer. Another reason is that breasts have been for a long time (and continue to be) considered the ultimate symbol of femininity.

Breast enhancement is no longer solely the domain of women. Now men can get the masculine chest they want with our male breast reduction procedures.

Breast enhancement covers a wide range of procedures including:

  1. Breast Reduction/Lift
  2. Male Breast Reduction
  3. Breast Enlargement/Implants

Not only can cosmetic breast surgery improve your appearance it can also give you confidence.

1. Breast Reduction

Overly large breasts can not only cause physical problems but emotional problems too. Some of the uncomfortable symptoms include:

  • Inability to engage in physical activity
  • Sagging
  • Inability to find clothing that fits
  • Chronic back pain
  • Self-consciousness

A breast reduction decreases the size of the breast by removing excess glandular and fat tissue. After a breast reduction some women want to undergo a breast lift to perk and contour the shape of the breast. This will give you a youthful and attractive appearance. A breast reduction takes one to two hours.

2. Male Breast Reduction

Did you know 10% of Australian men suffer from gynecomastia (more commonly known as ‘man boobs’)?

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the development of male breasts that can include:

  • Disease
  • Genetics
  • Obesity
  • Certain drugs and medications
  • Hormonal changes

Gynecomastia is more common in men who are in adolescence and middle age. If you are worried about your man boobs, at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery located in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast we offer breast reduction specifically for men.

3. Breast Enlargement/Implants

Breast enlargement is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world. At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we offer a range of breast enlargement options to help tailor a suitable breast augmentation procedure to your needs.

Firstly, Where Is The Breast Implant Going To Be Positioned?

Breast implants are generally positioned in one of two ways: sub-muscular or sub-glandular. The sub-muscular implants are positioned behind the breast and the pectoral muscle structures. The sub-glandular implants are placed behind the breast but over the pectoral muscle.

Secondly, Where Is The Incision To Be Made?

There are three traditional incision sites: the inframammary incision, periareolar incision and transaxillary incision.

…What’s Best for You?

Your initial consultation is important. This is where we help you decide what is best for your individual case. One of our expert team will discuss your options, your expectations and how Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery can help you.

For more information on our range of breast enhancement procedures, or to book a consultation at one of our Surgeries in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, please do not hesitate to contact us.