Which Breasts Should I Get?

Which Breasts Should I Get?

When trying to decide on the right size and shape of your new breasts there are a few things to consider…

At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery in Brisbane and Gold Coast, we will help you select the perfect pair of breasts for your body. Some patients who decide to undergo a breast enlargement treatment often become overwhelmed by the many sizes and shapes available. Breast enlargement, with the use of implants, has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world. At Ashbury Cosmetics we can help you ensure that this procedure enhances both your bust line and your quality of life.

Let’s talk about shape…

At the end of the day, the shape you choose for your implants is your decision; your implants are on your body so make sure you like them. Mostly we see round or tear drop shaped implants as the shapes requested today.

Round implants

These implants will typically look circular but flat and commonly stick out from the body farther, which makes the breasts project more. If you’re looking for more fullness in the upper part of the breast than round implants are probably the ones for you. Round implants are usually placed under the muscle and can give more fullness to the upper portion of the breast. Since round implants don’t move much, they almost always keep their round shape.

Teardrop implants

These are considered the more natural implant option. Teardrop implants tend to slope downward just like natural breasts, which is why they look more natural. Teardrop implants can also have a textured shell which means if the implant happens to rotate while in the breast, the breasts can become distorted. Because of their shape, these implants may provide better projection and a more natural look for patients seeking a more discrete enlargement.

What about size?

When choosing your ideal breast size, you may have a cup size in mind. It is important to note that breast implants are actually measured in cc’s, so the higher the number, the larger the implant. Usually implants can hold about of 400 cc’s of filler and sometimes more. To think about this in cup size we can assume that about 150 to 200 cc’s equates to an increase of approximately one to one-and-a-half cup sizes. To determine the ideal implant size for you, the width of your breast and amount of breast tissue needs to be taken into consideration. At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we will do an assessment of your current breasts and tissue along with your body size to determine the most appropriate size for your implants.

Do I decide on the position of the implant?

Breast implants are typically positioned in one of two ways; sub-muscular and sub-glandular. The choice of which position to use can be discussed during your consultation. Sub-muscular positioning means that the implants are positioned behind both the breasts and the pectoral muscle structures. Sub glandular refers to positioning behind the breast, but over the pectoral muscles covering the chest.

With a sub-muscular implant position you are offered a reduced risk of capsular contraction, although as these implants are influenced by muscle and arm movement they are more prone to shifting and losing shape.  The sub-muscular position allows for the implant to resist rubbing against the muscles and maintain its original shape, although there is an increased risk of capsular contraction and tightening of the surrounding scar tissue.

Remember they are YOUR breasts and therefore it’s YOUR decision…

At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery in Brisbane and Gold Coast we treat our patients with the utmost respect and care and are committed to finding the best breasts to suit your needs. After we complete an assessment on you current chest and discuss your vision, we will work with you to determine the best treatment, shape, size and position.

For more information about our breast augmentation services or to book a consultation please don’t hesitate to call our Brisbane office at 07 385 761 88 or the Gold Coast clinic at 07 557 068 00.