Celebrities Suffer from Varicose Veins Too

Celebrities Suffer from Varicose Veins Too

Many varicose vein sufferers feel they are alone… but as many as one in every two people will experience varicose veins at some point in their life!

Many people believe that varicose veins affect only those who are pregnant or elderly, however this is not true. While these factors do heighten the chances of developing varicose veins, they are not the only cause for them.

Many Australians suffer from painful and engorged varicose veins, and they are so common even A-list celebrities such as Britney Spears and Kristin Davis have been reported to have sought treatment for varicose and spider veins.

What are veins for?

The primary function of a vein is to supply the heart and lungs with oxygen by circulating blood throughout the body. That is why veins are found spread out all over the body. When this blood flow becomes restricted, it can result in the enlargement of veins, causing blood to pool in certain areas. These veins become visible on the surface of the skin and are known as varicose or spider veins.
Varicose veins are common in the thighs and the legs as pressure is often focused in these areas.

You are not alone in suffering from varicose veins…

At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we see hundreds of patients a year that wish to be rid of painful, uncomfortable and unsightly varicose veins. We are able to do this by utilising advanced cosmetic technology and different treatments depending on your condition. These treatments consist of:

  • Sclerotherapy – A technique that involves the injection of a liquid that causes the visible veins to shrink. The treatment eventually causes the vein to collapse and become reabsorbed by the body. This treatment method is recommended for people with varicose or spider veins that are of a larger size.
  • Laser treatment – An option for getting rid of varicose and spider veins that pinpoints specific areas of the body using pulsing beams of light. This causes the visible veins to collapse and become reabsorbed by the body, effectively decreasing its visible state. Generally, laser treatment for veins is recommended for people with smaller visible veins.
  • EVLT or Endo Venous Laser Therapy – This can be conducted in the doctor’s local practice and usually takes around an hour to perform. EVLT is often considered to be a high-tech version of sclerotherapy and involves inserting a tiny catheter or laser fibre in to the affected vein. A radio frequency or laser energy ablation is then sent into the affected vein, which shrinks and seals it shut.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve beautiful, smooth legs…

If you are experiencing engorged varicose veins it is important to get them checked and removed by our skilled cosmetic doctors, as if left untreated varicose veins can become worse and form open ulcerations on the legs.

At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we want you to achieve beautiful, smooth skin with minimal discomfort or pain, and ensure you are always fully informed of the procedure and any risks involved prior to your treatment.

To discover more about varicose veins or to book an appointment at our Gold Coast or Brisbane cosmetic clinics, please do not hesitate to contact us.