Cocaine Drug Smuggler Hides Drugs in Breast Implants

Cocaine Drug Smuggler Hides Drugs in Breast Implants

A woman was rushed to a hospital in Spain after arriving at the airport with breast implants filled with cocaine!

The 20 year old drug trafficker was forced to undergo a dangerous breast augmentation like procedure, but instead of implants she had 1.38 kilograms of cocaine inserted under her skin! It is thought that the Panamanian traveller was forced into the operation by heartless traffickers in a Colombian drugs cartel.

The woman was stopped earlier this month by European authorities following a flight from Botoga, after police noticed that she was “acting funny”

Upon searching the woman at Barcelona’s El Prat airport, investigators discovered a blood-soaked bandage covering her chest- which she confirmed resulted from the operation to introduce the packets of drugs into her body.

After making the gruesome discovery, officials rushed the woman to a medical centre in the city, where doctors removed the 1.38 kilograms of cocaine from the sealed bags that were inserted into her chest.

Police have reported that this discovery most likely saved the victim’s life

With the large amounts of such a dangerous substance within her body the woman may not have survived much longer. Police have stated that the woman was in a terrible state when she arrived at the airport, and while she did not report to be in pain the wounds were very gruesome looking.

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