CoolSculpting – Safe & Effective Fat Loss

CoolSculpting – Safe & Effective Fat Loss

It’s new, it’s effective and it’s in high demand. The new CoolSculpting process is making a big impact with a surprisingly smaller price tag. Melt away the fat from problem areas over the course of a few months. 

If you’ve been looking to lose a small amount of fat from those typical problem areas and haven’t heard about CoolSculpting; your day is about to get a whole lot better. Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery Brisbane and Gold Coast are proud to announce, the arrival of the CoolSculpting treatment – now available!

How does CoolSculpting work?

We know that the term ‘melt the fat away’ can be a little over used in the cosmetic fat loss industry – but that’s one of the most accurate descriptions of how the CoolSculpting procedure works. The CoolSculpting procedure uses a controlled cooling method to destroy fat cells.

Like heat is to butter – CoolSculpting is to body fat. The fat cells are effectively frozen without damaging the over lying skin and over a period of months, the dead fat tissue is absorbed by the body then excreted along with the rest of your body’s waste. This whole process is scientifically proven and commonly known as cryolipolysis.

Why is it better than other treatments?

  • Non-invasive – The CoolSculpting procedure is totally non-invasive which means no preparation, no incisions and no surgical instruments are needed for the removal of fat from your body.
  • Treatment time is 45 minutes – Unlike most other cosmetic fat removal procedures, CoolSculpting is by far the shortest. If you are on a tight schedule and can’t afford any down time, CoolSculpting is the perfect option.
  • No recovery time – No need to spend any time recovering in hospital or at home. After your CoolSculpting treatment procedure is complete, you can literally go back to work. This procedure can even be done in your lunch break.
  • No scarring – No incisions, no stitches, no worries. Don’t be put off fat loss treatments by the thought of scarring. CoolSculpting is applied to the targeted area and removed straight after with no need for any post treatment attention.
  • No injections – Everyone hates needles, no matter if it’s giving blood or receiving a flu shot. CoolSculpting is perfectly tolerable for those who cannot stand the thought of needles.

Am I a suitable candidate?

There is no ideal set criteria you must meet in order to be eligible to receive this treatment. It’s important to note that not all people will be suitable for this type of treatment; obesity or significant weight loss are examples of this. Another important factor to note is that this procedure should not be substitute for liposuction, in the scenario where liposuction is required.

In a general sense, any individual who is considered reasonably fit but carries pockets of fat in hard to lose areas are the best candidate for CoolSculpting. Side effects include some red marking on the skin, minor bruising and some numbness.

Ashbury Cosmetic Brisbane has a number of different packages to suit your fat loss aspirations. With locations at Windsor, Mt Gravatt, Indooroopilly and Gold Coast, there has never been a better time to achieve the body you deserve.

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