Done all the Dieting and the Exercising but Cannot Get Rid of Those Last Annoying Areas?

Done all the Dieting and the Exercising but Cannot Get Rid of Those Last Annoying Areas?

Liposuction may be the Answer: Liposuction is a Cosmetic Way to Finish Off Sculpting Your Body

Dieting and exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Not just physically healthy either—diet and exercise is good for your psychological wellbeing.

If you exercise regularly, have a healthy diet but still can’t seem to get rid of those last annoying areas of fat, liposuction can help you.

At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we offer a range of liposuction treatments to reshape your body by removing fat pockets that are positioned in various places around your body.

Through the Use of Liposuction, Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery Can Help You Get the Figure of Your Dreams…

Slimming down and getting that sculpted body is what drives many people to exercise, but it is a common problem to find certain areas that are difficult to keep slim.

At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast we offer a range of liposuction treatments. These treatments are there to provide you with the extra help you need to permanently remove the fatty areas from your figure.

But it’s important to keep in mind that liposuction is ‘extra help.’ Liposuction is a cosmetic treatment to help you go that extra step. It’s not a weight loss solution, in any dramatic sense.
Some of the more popular liposuction treatments performed at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery are:

We have an extensive track record of successful liposuctions and we are confident that we are able to provide you with the best treatment and care you need.

What to Expect with Liposuction…

Like any cosmetic procedure, you need to have a clear understanding of what is involved. During your first consultation you’ll discuss your options, your needs and your desired outcome with one of our expert doctors. This allows us to determine what the best treatment method is for you. It also allows us to ensure that your goals about what liposuction treatment can do for you are realistic. Our aim is to help you obtain your goal and achieve your desired level of satisfaction with your new body.

Liposuction Treatments Available at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery…

We offer liposuction for men and for women. For men, liposuction treatment is usually aimed at enhancing the appearance of the muscle. You see, while you might have grown well developed and toned muscle, the skin can lessen the appearance and impact of that hard work.

More and more men are feeling comfortable undergoing liposuction. Like women they want to remove excess stubborn fat cells that prevent them from achieving the body they want. Liposuction for men is about showing your muscle with more clarity and definition.

For women, liposuction is about removing unsightly bulges that diet and exercise won’t remove. This is a common process that offers advanced technological and procedural methods for greater levels of comfort before, during and after surgery.

For more information on liposuction, or to book a consultation at one of our surgeries in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, please contact us today.