Don’t Look Fake – Look Natural with Ashbury’s Anti-aging treatments!

Don’t Look Fake – Look Natural with Ashbury’s Anti-aging treatments!

Let Alicia Douvall’s story inspire you to drop the Barbie doll look and opt for Ashbury Cosmetic’s natural looking anti-wrinkle treatments

Body dysmorphia is a serious issue which distorts self-confidence and the perception of beauty. Alicia Douvall has been dubbed the most enhanced woman in the world, having over 300 cosmetic surgeries since she was 17. It all began with a ‘boob job’ when she was just a mere teenager and since then her love for ‘enhancement’ has escalated into addiction. She has everything from cheek implants, to multiple breast augmentations and now considers her imagined ugliness a curse, having checked herself into rehab three times. She even brought a Barbie doll to one of her consultations for reference.

Dysmorphia is becoming a more and more common mental disorder in the modern world. With constant weight and beauty issues sprawled across the front of tabloids it’s getting hard to escape the pressure to feel beautiful. This is why at Ashbury Cosmetics we don’t encourage looking like celebrities – or Barbie dolls for that matter! Beauty is all about accentuating your natural attributes, not destroying them and replacing them with new ones. We believe in tasteful cosmetic enhancement that is prescribed only by a consultation with one of our professional, ethical and licensed cosmetic doctors.

There are a number of justifiable and sometimes necessary reasons for filler injections or cosmetic enhancement. Often fillers can be used to elongate careers where personal appearance is a factor in success, such as modelling, acting or other broadcasting jobs. Anti-wrinkle treatments can also improve your confidence, while giving you a natural, young looking face. You don’t have to opt for fillers although it is a positive alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery. Through anti-wrinkle treatments at Ashbury Cosmetics you can eliminate the signs of aging while helping your skin’s overall appearance.

Rejuvenate your skin and fight wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation and other signs of aging…

At Ashbury Cosmetics, we offer skin rejuvenation treatments to improve the health of your skin. Regularly looking after the cosmetic appearance of your face can result in healthier skin, a natural glow as well as a rejuvenated appearance that makes you feel more confident. At Ashbury cosmetics our skin rejuvenation procedure involves an erbium laser, gently peeling off skin that has been damaged by the sun or just age. It works by utilising a high beam of light which can remove lines, wrinkles and even scars. This procedure utilises precise, safe and innovative technology which, unlike cosmetic surgery, reduces the risks of scarring significantly, as well as pigmentation.

Try a chemical peel for improved skin texture, vibrancy and all around appearance…

To further reduce the signs of aging, regular chemical peels are recommended. At Ashbury Cosmetics we offer chemical peels as a treatment for sun damage, oil or congested skin, fine lines, wrinkles, Rosacea and even post acne scarring. This procedure involves a chemical solution being applied to the skin, which removes damaged layers of skin. We offer a range of chemical solutions for different purposes and skin types.


BHA’s are utilised for tough, oily, pigmented or acne prone skin

Lactic Acids

Lactic Acids are used by Ashbury Cosmetics to soften signs of aging, including wrinkles, dehydrated skin, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Phytotretinoin or Vitamin A

These peels are used for pigmentation, sun damage, oily, congested skin, fine lines, wrinkles, post acne scarring and Rosacea.

Our doctors at Ashbury Cosmetics believe you don’t have to sacrifice your own face to feel and look beautiful. Through our range of treatments a more youthful appearance is achievable and you don’t have to make yourself look like a Barbie doll to feel young and confident. If you are interested in finding out more about our range of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging procedures we recommend that you book a consultation with one of our cosmetic doctors in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast. Our qualified staff are more than happy to accommodate you and inform you on the treatments available, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.