Drug Baron Used Cosmetic Surgery in an Attempt to Hide his Identity!

Drug Baron Used Cosmetic Surgery in an Attempt to Hide his Identity!

Liposuction/ LiposculptureOne of the last of Colombia’s most wanted drug lords has been captured after disguising his identity with multiple cosmetic surgical procedures!

The 50 year old was captured by Colombian officials while he was making a call on one of the 69 payphones that were being monitored in the area. A reward of $2.4 million dollars was offered for information leading to the capture of the drug lord, who had been charged with manufacturing and trafficking drugs, buying raw cocaine paste and converting almost 400 tonnes a year at labs in Eastern Colombia.

The Drug Baron tried various methods to conceal his identity

This included:

  • Posing as a fake cattle rancher
  • Carrying a fake passport
  • Burning his fingertips with acid to permanently remove his prints
  • Undertaking various cosmetic surgeries to alter his appearance!

Unfortunately for him, in the end these dramatic actions still could not conceal him from the authorities!

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