Your FAQS About Muscle Relaxants Answered By Ashbury

Your FAQS About Muscle Relaxants Answered By Ashbury

Muscle relaxant treatments are commonly confused with other wrinkle treatments and the actual substance is often misunderstood…

Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Windsor, Indooroopilly and Mt Gravatt will help explain more about muscle relaxants. At Ashbury Cosmetics we use a substance called a wrinkle relaxant that is composed of a protein that is extracted from a natural microorganism that essentially relaxes your muscles. It is used to help reduce the amount of wrinkles or creases on your skin and can visibly make your skin look young, healthier and more plum. Whenever we move our face, whether we are laughing, frowning or making facial expressions, our facial muscles contract and eventually cause wrinkles.

The history of muscle relaxants…

The cosmetic effect of relaxants on wrinkles was originally documented by a Californian plastic surgeon named Dr. Richard Clark, in 1989. After formal trials, in 2002 the FDA announced regulatory approval of cosmetic relaxants to temporarily improve the appearance of frown lines between the eyebrows. Soon after cosmetic surgery to reduce wrinkles became a common desire with men and women looking to improve their frown lines with this new cosmetic treatment. Today the cosmetic use of wrinkle relaxants has become widespread, with requests for this treatment saturating the cosmetic surgery market.

What are the benefits of muscle relaxants?

Muscle relaxants were designed to help reduce the visible signs of ageing. Besides its ability to reduce your wrinkles there are more benefits to this treatment:

  • Fast treatment– injection treatments can take less than 10 minutes depending on the treatment area and severity of the wrinkle
  • Non-surgical– you do not require surgery and can receive your treatment over your lunch break because preparation and treatment time is quick and shouldn’t affect your body for normal daily activities.
  • Virtually painless– the injection only involves the use of very fine needles, you can be sure that only minimal discomfort is felt.

How do muscle relaxants work?

The relaxant is injected into your skin to reduce your wrinkles and in turn make you look younger.  The injection blocks the nerve impulses in the injected muscles and this prevents them from contracting when facial expressions are made. Even if the wrinkles don’t immediately disappear, they can eventually soften which will create a more youthful look.

Is it a permanent solution?

While some treatments have been known to last longer than others, we unfortunately have yet to find a permanent remedy for wrinkles and other signs of ageing. However, it is known that some treatments can last longer than other treatments. Usually, chemical peels will have results that will last longer than wrinkle relaxants. Here at Ashbury we offer more treatments that might be better suited for your skin and what you hope to achieve. Our laser treatments and chemical peels are just some of the treatments we offer here at Ashbury to help you achieve youthful looking skin.

At Ashbury we have the best medical professionals available, with the experience required to perform injections for cosmetic wrinkle reduction treatments. With a better understanding about what wrinkle relaxants are and what it can do for you skin, this can help you make a more informed decision about your skin. After we do a consultation to discuss what you want along with an assessment of your skin, we will be able to determine the best treatment for you.

If you are interested in finding out more about this procedure or our other treatments, we recommend that you contact one of our clinics in Brisbane at 07 385 761 88 or the Gold Coast at 07 557 068 00.