Fine tuning your Body Shape with Liposculpture

Fine tuning your Body Shape with Liposculpture

In the early 80’s, when liposuction was introduced to the US it was regarded as a last resort method for removing that stubbornly flabby tummy or those hated saddlebags on the thighs that no amount of dieting or exercise ever seem to shift.

Not anymore. As technique improved and new ones are developed, the operation is becoming easier to perform, often requiring just local anaesthesia, and the decision to have it is reached much more casually. In fact, standard liposuction is now the world’s number one cosmetic surgical procedure.

Dr. James Chen and Dr Fitzgerald, both cosmetic doctors who specialise in liposculpture/liposuction at the Ashbury clinic, describe the procedure as “a truly beautiful procedure”. If it were flawed, it wouldn’t be the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. But although they emphasise that liposuction is one of the safest procedures, they are still quick to point out its hazards, especially at the hand of less-well trained practitioners. Ask to see photographs of previous work and be sure that the doctor understands what you want to achieve.

Qualifications are important but what is more important is the fact that the doctor performs liposculpture almost on a daily basis not just a few cases a month.

People have become more knowledgable about the technique since mid 80’s thanks to word of mouth and the improved quality of newspaper and magazine articles and are more realistic about the sort of results they can expect. The majority of Dr. Chen’s patients are women and the most common areas worked on are: saddlebags, hips, thighs, abdomen, calves and ankles, arms, double chin and jowls.

In many people, general and localised obesity is genetic, no amount of dieting and exercise will help. Even aerobic instructors and models have small-localised deposits – around the knees, ankles and the front of the arms. Liposuction is not a matter of “how much” but of aesthetics. The team at Ashbury aim to produce as beautiful a shape as possible.

Most patients can return to work within 2-3days after surgery. Complications are very rare at the Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery, nevertheless you should discuss all the benefits and risks with your cosmetic doctor. Dr. Thind and Dr. James Chen are offering free consultations on liposculpture and breast enlargement and can be contacted in Brisbane (07) 3857 6188 and Gold Coast (07) 55 706 800.