Get A Smile that is ‘Beyond’ Beautiful

Get A Smile that is ‘Beyond’ Beautiful

At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we use The BEYOND® WhiteSpa System to clinically whiten your teeth…

The BEYOND® WhiteSpa System is widely used among professionals;.It has been performed by trained aesthetic professionals in the spas, salons, and aesthetic centres worldwide, which is why we use it here at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery! Often people suffering from severely stained teeth can feel self-conscious about smiling, speaking or eating in public. We hope that with our BEYOND® WhiteSpa treatment we will give you back your confidence and ability to smile freely.

What causes our teeth to stain?

Over the years, our sparkly white smiles begin to stain as a result of coloured foods, stain making drinks or tobacco products, which inevitably cause stains to build up on our teeth. While regular dental check-ups help reduce marks on our teeth, some teeth are deeply stained and may require further treatment to revitalise your smile. The biggest culprits that are staining your teeth include:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Raspberries/ blueberries
  • Cigarettes
  • Both red and white wine
  • Curry

While there are many food and drinks that are known stain enhancers, the list above are the most common, and if considering cosmetic teeth whitening treatment, it is best to avoid or limit such items. We’re not saying you have to completely alter your diet to whiten your teeth, but if you’re willing to spend the time to cosmetically brighten your smile its best to be aware and possibly limit you consumption of stain causing items.

A little bit more about the treatment we use…

We use a whitening gel here at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery to treat your stained teeth.  The whitening formula we use is called ‘BEYOND® Whitening Gel’ which penetrates deep into the teeth and is activated by the BEYOND® WhiteSpa Whitening Accelerator. As the gel reaches those stains, they are broken down and destroyed – even those stains located deep inside the teeth. This process essentially wipes away dark compounds that conventional cleanings cannot remove.

Our BEYOND® WhiteSpa Whitening Accelerator contains one of the most advanced filtering systems in the industry, removing all harmful UV and infrared light. This cold light technology, when used in combination with our specially formulated whitening gel, works quickly to remove the stains on your teeth in one simple, safe, and affordable treatment. The BEYOND® WhiteSpa Treatment is a quick and efficient way to reduce the stains off your teeth. The great news is that this treatment can be done in just one hour. There are no guarantees with any surgical procedure, and while teeth whitening treatments will certainly improve the shade of your current teeth colour, we encourage patients to have realistic expectations. The current colour of your teeth will evidently affect the results of your teeth whitening treatment. We encourage our patients to limit the amount of stain causing food and drink while having a realistic expectation of what your teeth will look like after your treatment.

What a winning smile can do for you…

A smile is often one of the first things people notice when they look at your face. Having a straight and beautiful smile can make you feel more confident about meeting new people, speaking in public and freely showing off you new grin. At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we will assess your teeth to determine what the BEYOND® WhiteSpa treatment can do for you. This treatment has been used safely by millions in spas, salons, aesthetic centers, and dental offices in more than 120 countries worldwide. With the BEYOND® WhiteSpa treatment you can put your smile worries aside and start living your life to the fullest.

To find out more about our BEYOND® WhiteSpa Whitening Treatment please don’t hesitate to call our Gold Coast office at (07) 5570 6800 or our Brisbane office at (07) 3857 6188 or contact us online