HOLY MOLEY! Mole removal is now available at Ashbury Cosmetic Clinics!

HOLY MOLEY! Mole removal is now available at Ashbury Cosmetic Clinics!

Moles can be uncomfortable, annoying and unattractive

If you are unhappy with one of your moles, at our cosmetic clinics based in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast we can remove your source of discomfort with our virtually pain free mole removal treatment! This procedure is a highly effective, quick and virtually pain free way to rid yourself of minuscule, massive or monster moles.

Laser mole removal at Ashbury Cosmetic Clinic

When removing moles simply cosmetic purposes, we will utilise laser mole treatment to remove the raised section of mole right down to skin level. Although most moles often exist part below skin level, this treatment is a great way to reduce or eliminate the appearance of unwanted moles.

During treatment you will be given a local anaesthetic to minimise any sensations of discomfort. This procedure does not involve any cutting or stitches and generates results in a manner of minutes. After treatment the skin around the site of removal may appear a bit yellow for a few days, and you may want to apply an ointment and cover it with a band aid for a few days.

Our highly trained staff will thoroughly examine any moles you would like removed.

If there is any doubt over the safety of removal or if the mole is a cancer risk, we will recommend that the mole be completely cut out and sent away for analysis.

To find out more about mole removal at our Gold Coast and Brisbane Cosmetic Clinics, please contact us.