Liposuction can help minimise unwanted fat deposits in Men and Women

Liposuction can help minimise unwanted fat deposits in Men and Women

Liposuction is a universal treatment that has boundless benefits for sufferers of the bulge

Fat deposits are one of the highest causes for body image concerns. When it comes to fat deposits, many people don’t know that we have a limited and finite number of fat deposits on the body, when we put on weight these fat deposits simply enlarge with more fat than normal. As we age these fat deposits can move slightly due to gravity and the general appearance of our fatty areas (most commonly the abdomen, breasts and buttocks area) can become ‘saggy’. This gravitational effect can also occur after pregnancy in women where the body has gone through an intensive enlargement process, with sudden removal of the mass. This will always result in a flabbier tummy than before the pregnancy, that’s why Ashbury Cosmetics offers liposuction surgery to patients in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Exercise CANNOT change body composition

Many fad diets claim that you can change your body composition by opting for ‘clean foods’. Clean foods are simply the unprocessed or healthier options of foods (such as coconut sugar instead of normal white sugar) but they cannot change your body composition no matter what fad diets might claim. The fat deposits you are born with are the fat deposits you have for life, however these will fluctuate in size when you gain weight. In the liposuction procedure these stubborn areas of fat can be treated with a suction procedure performed by one of our surgeons at Ashbury Cosmetic Clinic which services both the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Men and women have different fat composition

It can be observed that both men and women have very different fat deposits. Women generally have more weight on the hips, thighs, buttocks and breasts while men tend to put on weight on the abdomen, back and sometimes arms. Men also have a naturally faster metabolism which is said to stem from our Paleolithic ancestors. Scientifically, it is said that women put on weight due to their ability to have children, and this is simply the body’s preparation for future child birth. A healthy woman also has twice as much fat as a healthy adult male has on his body. While this may not seem fair, it is simply a fact of life, and luckily we have cosmetic surgery options to alter the impact that fat has on the body.

Before the liposuction procedure it is still a requirement that you maintain a healthy weight

It is recommended that you have a BMI of approximately 30 or below before you receive a liposuction procedure. This will ensure that the procedure will have long-lasting and effective results. If you do not make an effort to lose weight and maintain your goal before surgery it is much more likely that you will put the weight straight back on again after surgery. Here at Ashbury Cosmetic Clinic your health and wellbeing is our priority, as well as the value of our procedures to you. If you do not take the proper precautions before the liposuction procedure then you won’t be maximising the value of the surgery.

Conquer your svelte physique!

Liposuction at Ashbury Cosmetic Clinic will enable you to enjoy a more svelte physique. We can help alter your body composition so that the parts of your body that cause concern are minimised so that you look more proportionate.

If you are interested in finding out more about the liposuction procedure available at Ashbury Cosmetic Clinic in Brisbane please do not hesitate to contact us.