Liposuction Popular Among Men

Liposuction Popular Among Men

While liposuction is often synonymous with female cosmetic surgery, it is increasingly becoming highly requested among men…

At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we often have men undergoing liposuction treatment to achieve a sculpted body. Last year approximately 40,000 men had liposuction, this increase reflects the changing nature of the treatment: it has gone from shedding excess weight to being used to sculpt an abdominal six-pack.

Today our media and general culture is obsessed with health and fitness, for those men struggling to shed that last bit of weight even with vigorous training, liposuction may be the solution for you.

What can liposuction do for the male physique?

Liposuction can help define the male form while decreasing any fatty deposits evident under the skin. When you decide to get a liposuction treatment, the level of fatty deposits under the skin are decreased. This allows the muscle beneath your skin to show with more clarity and definition and can help make you feel confident that your efforts in maintaining a healthy and fit physique are reflected in the shape and size of your body.

Reasons why men are opting for liposuction…

Today we live in a ‘clean eating’ and health obsessed culture, often even those who follow all the up-to-date health tricks still struggle with those hard to trim areas. For men, the norm to go topless at the beach or in warm weather can be extremely confronting and often uncomfortable if you don’t feel confident in your body. With our magazines and news stories filled with washboard abs and tones bodies there is more pressure then ever to have a toned body. For this reason and others men are opting to undergo liposuction to achieve the body they want.

Liposuction can be extremely rewarding for both men and women and here at Ashbury Cosmetics we will work individually with you to help achieve your dream body.

Target areas for male liposuction…

Men are targeting a variety of areas suffering from fatty deposits that are difficult to remove with exercise and diet alone. Common treatments for men include the fat reduction of the following areas:

  • Chest, or commonly referred to as ‘man boobs’
  • Abdominal, to achieve a six-pack look
  • The belt line, just below the hips to achieve a more cut look
  • The flanks, commonly known as ‘love handles’

These target areas are popular among men because they target areas that work to create a masculine and defined physique. By targeting these problem areas you can help improve the shape and feel of your entire body, often it is easier to naturally tone your abs but not your chest and vice versa which is why liposuction can help reduce fat in your targeted zone.

Remember guys liposuction is not an alternative to exercise…

While liposuction treatment are used to decrease fatty deposits under your skin it should not be used as a substitute to exercise. Whilst it is able to reduce the size and shape of certain areas around the body, it is of paramount importance that the individual understands the role of a healthy diet and regular exercise in maintaining a slim and fit figure. We often recommend our patients have a good exercise and diet plan already established before opting for liposuction. Here at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we will do a full body assessment and discuss your end goals to determine the most appropriate procedure for you.

If you are considering a liposuction treatment to enhance your male physique we recommend booking a consolation to have a full body assessment so e can determine the best treatment for you.


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