Lose inches with Liposculpture

Lose inches with Liposculpture

Liposculpture is a powerful tool for changing body contours by removing localised collection of fat.

It’s now known that no matter how hard you exercise, sometimes certain areas of fat simply refuses to budge. No wonder it is now the most common cosmetic surgery performed in the developed world. For example, in the USA, more than 200,000 patients had liposuction done last year.

According to Dr. James Chen & Dr. Pearl Fitzgerald, cosmetic doctors at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Centre, with the use of the latest tumescent technique, liposuction is a much safer procedure. A special fluid is infiltrated into the area for fat removal while the patient is under twilight sedation. The fluid numbs the area, lessens the bleeding and also loosens the fat making the procedure a lot easier and safer.

The cosmetic doctor then begins to carefully sculpt and shape the area to get a smooth and even result. Each patient is unique, so different shape and proportions have to be taken into account. The ideal is a balanced final appearance.

At the completion of the procedure, the Doctor will inspect the patient in the standing position to ensure the correct shape.

After the compression garment is fitted, the patient is able to walk to the recovery room and then home soon after. Dr. James Chen & Dr. Pearl Fitzgerald emphasise that to ensure a patient is happy with the outcome, it is important that the cosmetic doctor knows the expectations and makes the pre and post operative experience as positive as can be.

These can be facilitated with good communication, technical and artistic skill, and medical and emotional support. The patient should feel comfortable to communicate exactly what is wanted and feel the cosmetic doctor has understood this. The cosmetic doctor must discuss what is possible and ensure the patient’s expectations are reasonable.

The cosmetic doctor must have the ability to produce the results that are expected. They must be skilled in liposculpture and able to perform it expertly, otherwise irregularities and dimples can be created in the skin. A sound knowledge and experience of the latest techniques is needed. Dr. James Chen & Dr. Pearl Fitzgerald stress that it is important to choose a cosmetic doctor who had performed thousands of cosmetic procedures and practice their skills on a daily basis. As the saying goes, “Practice makes Perfect”.

Nowadays, most of the procedures including nose reshaping, laser resurfacing and facelift can be done under twilight sedation and local anaesthetic. This minimises the risks involved with general anaesthetic and the patients can virtually walk in – walk out the same day. Complications are rare, nevertheless you should discuss all the benefits and risks with your cosmetic doctor.

Ashbury cosmetic Surgery and vein Centres throughout Australia have performed over 20,000 cosmetic procedures for over 10 years. The doctors at Ashbury are happy to provide obligation free consultation on most procedures. For further information please phone Brisbane (07) 38576188 or Gold Coast (07) 55706800