Too Much Weight To Carry- Breast Reduction Treatments

Too Much Weight To Carry- Breast Reduction Treatments

 For some women who long for larger breasts it seems crazy to consider breast reduction treatments, however for large breasted women a reduction is often essential to maintain their comfort and their health…

At our Ashbury clinics in Brisbane and Gold Coast we treat small breasted women and large breasted women; whether you are looking to enlarge or reduce your chest we can find the best treatment for your needs. Often women who have large breasts suffer from a great deal of discomfort, which is why we offer a breast reduction treatment to alleviate some of this discomfort.

Large breasts can cause you pain and discomfort…

While large breasts are often admired, the size and weight can often lead to further health problems and may require reduction. A breast reduction treatment can change the size, the shape and weight of your breasts, offering you more comfort, movement and wellbeing. Some of the symptoms experienced from large breasts include:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Sagging
  • Inability to engage in physical activity
  • Self-consciousness
  • Inability to find clothing that fits

At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we will assess your breasts to determine the size you would feel more comfortable with. We will also determine whether a breast lift treatment might be a necessary treatment to ensure your new chest sits where you want it to.

What happens during the surgery?

A breast reduction surgery involves the removal of excess glandular and fat tissues to decrease the size of the breast. Our treatments at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery usually take between one to two hours to perform, however each patient is different and further time may be needed depending on the treatment plan.

Many women may also wish to undergo a breast lift operation after a reduction to perk up and contour the shape of the breasts for a youthful and attractive appearance. There are various treatment plans for the breast lift surgery and several factors will determine the treatment that is right for you. The size and shape of your breasts, size of your areolas, and extent of sagging are factors that will help determine the best technique for you.

Breast reduction, for men as well…

Breast reduction isn’t just for women. Many men suffer from excessive chest tissue, which is commonly referred to as ‘man boobs’. In fact over 10% of the male Australian population have been identified with gynecomastia (the technical term for man boobs). The development of gynecomastia often develops because of hormonal changes, genetics, obesity or certain drugs and medicine. While it is possible to develop gynecomastia at any stage of life, we most commonly see this condition with adolescent men and middle age men.

The surgical procedure used to reduce the effects of gynecomastia involves excision or liposuction techniques which will remove the fatty deposits causing the chest to have a breast like appearance. If you are suffering from man boobs you shouldn’t have to feel self-conscious any longer, our male breast reduction treatment can help give you back your masculine physique and confidence.

Start with a consultation…

At Ashbury we will make your breast reduction treatment as comfortable and relaxing as possible. We will determine the size and position you are looking to achieve and develop a personalised treatment plan to meet your needs. This treatment is certainly not specific to male or female patients; if you are struggling with the size of your breasts a treatment to reduce them can help you feel more comfortable with your body. For men this might mean feeling comfortable about taking your shirt off at the beach. And for women it might make the difference in comfort and movement.

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