Myths And Facts About Breast Augmentation

Myths And Facts About Breast Augmentation

At the dawn of its popularity, breast augmentation was known world-wide for producing over-the-top unnatural results. Times have changed and breast augmentation has become one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures with more and more women turning to surgeons for natural-looking breast surgery results.

Although breast augmentation has become more common there are still some myths and half truths about the procedures that make the choice to have breast augmentation surgery that much more confusing.

The experienced professionals at Ashbury Cosmetics in Brisbane & Gold Coast are here to help bust the tops myths surrounding breast augmentation.

Breast implants will not explode on an airplane

Many women have reported strange sensations in their breasts during flights after augmentation suspecting that their implants were expanding and sometime even compressing in reaction to high altitudes.

These reports may lead one to believe that breast implants may indeed explode during flights which is proven to be untrue. Reputable and board certified cosmetic surgeons use high-grade prosthetics to perform breast augmentation. These implants are standardised and designed to withstand reasonable pressure and high altitudes.

Your breasts will only be as big as you want them to be

Breast augmentation does not automatically result in big breasts. When seeking breast augmentation, you are in complete control. You will determine the size and position of your breasts during your initial consultation with the guidance of your surgeon.

Dr James Chen at Ashbury Cosmetic will work closely with you to help select the most suitable breast size, shape and position you desire. He will advise you to try on different breast implants so you can experience the feel of each size, as well as consider the effects the size will have on your shape, back and physical ability. These considerations will be discussed in detail during your consultation to ensure that you are well-informed and consent not only to the surgery but also to the changes that come as a result of having breast augmentation.

We cannot promise “Kim Kardashian’s Breasts”

Breast size is not universal. As such, implant size should be based on your individual silhouette and surgical desires.

While your surgeon can determine the breast look and shape you’re after from supplied pictures, we certainly cannot replicate breasts.

Implants over the muscle can be just as safe as implants under the muscle

Some people believe that breast implants placed under the breast muscle are not only safer since they are more insulated but also look more natural.

With considerations such as the type of implant, the natural breast size and shape as well as the desired result, it is not possible to have a one-size-fits all rule regarding the position of the breast implant.

During your consultation, we’ll formulate a tailored treatment plan which will include whether the implant will serve your needs better under or over the muscle. It is not a simple matter of implants under the muscle being safer and more natural-looking but rather a question of what would suit an individual patients unique body and specific needs.

Breast surgery overseas is not worth it

While there has been a growing trend of Australians jetting off overseas for plastic surgery holidays, the work performed can be hit and miss.

In some cases, these trips have resulted in plastic surgery nightmares. So are the cheaper prices really worth the risk? In short, no.

Although it may be cheaper, cosmetic surgery overseas is less regulated. To offer such low prices, they would have had to cut costs somehow, either through poor equipment, using non-name brand materials, or even less trained staff.

Cosmetic surgery in Australia is highly regulated and has a long track record of producing high-quality results. In a case where complications occur, patients are protected under state and federal law. Medical professionals also have to follow strict follow-up procedures with their patients.

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon

Dr James Chen is a qualified and board certified cosmetic surgeon with a reputable practice. With an increasing number of stories where people are injured and have their health jeopardised by improper practices and dangerous procedures, accountability should be top of your list when considering breast augmentation surgery.

If you feel you deserve better than “hit and miss” cosmetic surgery, contact us at Ashbury Cosmetics for high-quality care and premium breast augmentation results.

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