Are You Too Young For Anti-Ageing Injectables?

Are You Too Young For Anti-Ageing Injectables?

There has never been a time where people have been more confronted with their looks than now.

With camera phones and social media growing in popularity people have become more conscious of how they look at all times.

This growing self-awareness cannot be ignored as a factor in the increase of patients undergoing cosmetic surgery. The signs of ageing are one of the largest concerns among people of all ages with anti-ageing interventions becoming a consideration for younger patients.

Ageing is a natural and gradual process. The toll of our daily lives becomes evident on our skin, much to the displeasure of many. While there is proof that anti-ageing measures are more effective as a preventative measure than as a reparative one many have questioned the effect of anti-ageing injectables over a longer period of time.

Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery, Laser and Vein Centres are a reputable medical facility offering the latest and safest cosmetic interventions to their patients. They can help you prevent the appearance of ageing with effective injectables with minimal risk to your health.

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The effect of anti-ageing injectables on young skin

While it has been disputed in the past, the preventative advantages of anti-ageing injectables can have benefits. Thousands of young people are opting to take control of the ageing process and use injectables to prevent wrinkles and fine lines instead of trying to reverse them once they appear.

Restricting the movement of facial muscles can be shown to prevent the appearance of deep wrinkles as has filling fine lines before they become ingrained and more pronounced. Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery, Laser and Vein Centres employs medical and cosmetic professionals who are highly trained to detect problem areas and treat them to prevent the signs of ageing. These professionals can also effectively treat fine lines and wrinkles as they appear with fillers and a range of injectables tailored to suit the individual needs of each patient.

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How long do the effects of injectables last?

Injectable anti-ageing products differ in their potency and the longevity of their results however for long lasting results Ashbury cosmetic surgery, laser and vein centres offer a range of injectables that can give permanent results with minimal risks to your health, improving the appearance of your skin.

Permanent gel fillers and erbium laser resurfacing are non-invasive procedures which can offer permanent results in as little as 15 minutes.

Results of the procedure may not be immediately visible but over time the treatment is not only effective but also safe, permanent and carries very little risk.

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Can you be too young for injectables?

Ageing is a process that begins at birth and continues throughout your life. Although anti-ageing treatments are marketed mainly to people above the age of 30, the signs of ageing may appear by the age of 20 depending on your lifestyle and skin care habits.

Cosmetic procedures are regulated and by law performed only on patients who have reached the age of majority (except in exceptional cases). There is no medically sanctioned age to start anti-ageing treatment as the ageing process is different for each of us.

Cosmetic procedures and surgery is a very personal choice and depend on an individual’s preferences meaning the power to stop the ageing process lies with you.

Permanent anti-ageing injections in Brisbane and Gold Coast

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