Restore Your Confidence | Laser Skin Treatment

Restore Your Confidence | Laser Skin Treatment

Ashbury Cosmetic Clinic uses an Erbium laser to refine the surface of the skin

There are many benefits to the Erbium laser including minimal side effects and the ability to improve many facets of skin structure including the texture, appearance and signs of wear and tear. The Erbium laser has the ability to remove wrinkles, scars and other blemishes without leaving unsightly scars. This particular laser is a fractional laser which emits bursts of laser light into the skin. The procedure may not feel complex but what goes on beneath the skin is indeed a scientifically complex effect that uses decades’ worth of cosmetic medical technology.

How does this laser therapy work to resurface the skin?

The Erbium laser emits beams that penetrated deep into the dermis layer of skin where fresh, new cell growth is promoted by the stimulus of the regenerative cells inside the dermis. These newly created regenerative cells plump up the dermis by restoring deficient cells or sections of skin which creates a supple appearance that is both smooth and free of imperfections. As this laser stimulates the body’s natural renewal process there is minimal risks involved although, as with any cosmetic treatment, everybody’s skin and body reacts differently to the same treatment.

What Ailments can the Erbium laser alleviate or lessen?

The Erbium laser has been proven to improve the appearance of pitted scarring and reduce the effects of small holes in the skin left by acne scarring or simply defective skin cells. This cosmetic procedure can also diminish the appearance of other scars such as stretch marks which can cause a lot of internal body image dismay for some individuals. Through harnessing this laser treatment you may experience a completely new and revitalized skin texture which will leave you feeling confident every time you look in the mirror.

The Erbium is the perfect solution to those that fear or react to chemical peels!

Our experience with the laser has shown that not only does it improve the appearance of the face, it has also improved on previous treatments where the skin underwent more invasive means of renewal such as chemical peels. The Erbium laser is referred to as the laser peel, and it is only performed by an experienced laser doctor here at our state-of-the-art cosmetic treatment facility. Compared to chemical peels which have an increased potential to damage the skin due to their more abrasive components, laser peels are infinitely more beneficial to your health. Deep chemical peels can also create a lasting white effect on the skin which can look similar to pigmentation.

You can also compare this treatment to a face-lift. Facelifts only lessen the appearance of some static wrinkles on the face, whereas laser skin resurfacing can treat the areas that are untreatable with a facelift including:

  • Wrinkles on the upper lip
  • Bridge of the nose
  • Frown area
  • Forehead
  • Areas of the chin

If you are interested in restoring the beauty of your face with the laser resurfacing procedure available at Ashbury Cosmetic Clinic in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast please do not hesitate to contact us.