Revealed – Asymmetrical Breasts Are Not Abnormal

Revealed – Asymmetrical Breasts Are Not Abnormal

With mainstream media focusing on the ‘perfect image’ or the ‘perfect breast size’, many Australian women are second-guessing the shape and size of their breasts…

Every woman is different, and with our own quests for perfection sometimes we forget this simple fact.

Every woman is different, with different goals, aspirations and bodies, and it is important to remember that while you are after the goal for perfection, there is most likely another woman looking to achieve your body!

Do you feel alienated because of your asymmetrical breasts? You are not alone! Uneven breasts are extremely common in Australia, in fact, it is normal to have one breast that is slightly larger or smaller than the other! It is a subtle imbalance that has rarely has any medical implications, and one that many women face, including superstar actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence is okay with her asymmetrical breasts, and so should you…

We would all like to achieve that perfect body, with the perfect stomach and plump, even breasts. At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery we know you are already beautiful the way you are, and want you to see this too! Actress Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out about her uneven breasts, and said they do not bother her.

Are you still unhappy with the look of your breasts?

At Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, we are able to help balance your breasts if you are still unhappy with how they look. Whether you are after:

  • Breast Enlargement/Implants – for those who wish to enhance the look and structure of their breasts by enlarging them.
  • Breast Reduction/Lift – for patients who do not want large breasts due to medical reasons or self-esteem issues.
  • Nipple Elevation – for those who have droopy nipples and wish for them to be placed in a more appealing area on the breast.

We are able to help you achieve your own body goals by sitting with you, assessing your condition and tailoring a treatment plan that will best cater to your needs. If you are unhappy because your breasts look or feel uneven to you, we are able to examine you closely to first establish whether there is an aesthetic imbalance and then recommend the suitable treatment that will enable us to balance your breasts so you can achieve total confidence.

Breast enhancement is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in Australia…

A dramatic increase in the number of people undergoing various procedures is being felt throughout the cosmetics industry and in recent years, approximately 78% of all surgical cosmetic treatments have been carried out in breast augmentation and breast enlargement using implants.

Ashbury Cosmetics has built a solid reputation in successful breast treatments, with a history of satisfied patients testifying to the high level of care and attention received during their time with us.

It is for this reason, among many others, that we like to make sure that you are fully involved and informed about the process and any risks involved with your surgery. We do this so you can go into surgery with realistic expectations, as this is key to truly being happy with your results post-surgery.

To discover more about our breast augmentation procedures or to book an appointment at our Gold Coast or Brisbane clinics, please do not hesitate to contact us.