Selfies & Cosmetic Surgery: Social Media’s Impact on Society

Selfies & Cosmetic Surgery: Social Media’s Impact on Society

With selfies comes self-consciousness

A recent study showed that 1 in 3 people who undergo plastic surgery did so because of selfies. These days many people do not think twice about pointing their smartphone at themselves, and taking a photo. From there it’s as simple as tapping and swiping on your phone to put the photo on any number of social media platforms.

An increase in cosmetic surgery because of selfies

It’s not just facial procedures that are seeing an increase either. Everything from liposuction to breast augmentation is being requested. People are paying more attention to how they look, because they are constantly uploading selfies to their many and varied social media platforms.

Cosmetic surgery and your appearance

Are you considering cosmetic surgery? What are your driving motives?

Let’s take liposuction as an example.

At Ashbury Cosmetics, many of our past patients came to us for liposuction because for all their exercise and proper eating, there was just that little bit they couldn’t get rid of. So, with a little help from our liposculpture or SlimLipo (laser liposuction) treatments, we have helped many patients get to their ideal physical body.

But they were almost there, before they came to us. They were not looking for a get-thin-quick solution. They just needed that little bit of help to reach their end goal.

In Australia there has been an increase, in the last five years, in the number of Australian men getting cosmetic surgery. They spend time in the gym, watch what they eat and just want that little bit of help. So they get SlimLipo, a laser liposuction treatment with:

  • next-to-no-downtime
  • skin tightening
  • smoother skin
  • faster healing
  • less bruising

When we say “next-to-no-downtime” we mean that many of our patients are able to go to work the same day.

Other cosmetic treatments that have been popular with men include nose jobs and eyelid surgery.

Selfies, your Self, and cosmetic surgery

When considering cosmetic surgery—especially treatments like facelift, neck lift, rhinoplasty (nose job) and breast surgery—you should consider that these are long-term treatments to enhance and refine your appearance.

By this we mean that careful thought and consideration should going into your decision on what treatment you wish to get.

Ashbury Cosmetics offers a number of cosmetic treatments like dermal fillers and other non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatments to help maintain a youthful, natural appearance. Dermal fillers are an ideal treatment for enhancing your looks in a completely natural way. These fillers work solely on the area of muscle receiving treatment, allowing the surrounding muscles to function as normal.

One of the advantages of dermal fillers is: they integrate homogenously into the skin for both immediate and long term results that can last up to 12 months.

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