Tattoos No Longer Have To Be Permanent

Tattoos No Longer Have To Be Permanent

Tattoos no longer need to be permanent. Laser tattoo removal has successfully helped millions to remove their unwanted permanent tattoos.

Your life changes as the years go by; your image and priorities change too. Sometimes something that may have made sense to you years ago could have come to be an inconvenience today. Tattoos are one such thing.

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Perhaps you have a tattoo which is standing in the way of you getting your dream job, or maybe it’s just not appropriate in your current life. No matter your reasons, the advancements in laser technology means tattoos no longer need to be permanent and can safely be removed in just a few treatments. This can even be achieved without any scaring, depending on the individual patient’s skin.

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Dr James Chen and his team of qualified cosmetic doctors at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery, Laser & Vein Centres are experts in tattoo removal and have successfully removed thousands of tattoos over the past 16 years.

Why is tattoo ink permanent?

Tattoo inks are made mainly of heavy metal compounds. When a foreign material like tattoo ink is injected into the body, the body reacts in its own defence, and sends out white blood cells. However, because the metal compounds of tattoo ink are much bigger than the white blood cells, they cannot be completely absorbed into the blood streams for excretion and remain on the skin’s second layer, the dermis, as a permanent tattoo.

Why do tattoos fade over time?

While tattoos are, for all intents permanent, they are on the surface of the skin and are exposed to the elements, stretching and daily wear and tear. This may cause them to fade or become distorted over time. Although they may not fade completely and will not naturally be removed tattoos do fade naturally. While this may not be a health concern, it may cause a cosmetic concern and is one of the many reasons a person may want to have a tattoo removed.

Does laser tattoo removal work?

Millions of people have had tattoos successfully removed across the world. Laser removal is the most common way to remove a permanent tattoo. Using heat to break down the metal ink compounds, laser removal can successfully facilitate the accelerated fading of a tattoo by making it possible for the body to metabolise and excrete the ink naturally.

How does tattoo removal work?

Tattoo removal is a laser procedure that, over time and a variable number of treatments, reduces the appearance of permanent tattoos by breaking up the ink particles which make up the tattoo.

Laser removal makes use of heat pulses which penetrate the skin in quick succession in a process called photothermolysis where ink particles are targeted and expanded by the heat to the point that they are broken up, reducing the appearance of your tattoo gradually without burning the skin.

Once broken up into smaller particles, the ink can be absorbed by the white blood cells and taken to the liver where it will be excreted. Darker inks are more responsive to the laser treatment and can be removed faster than lighter inks.

Laser removal can be a painful procedure, however topical anaesthetic can be used to reduce the pain during the procedure.

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Will laser tattoo removal work for you?

Tattoo removal is possible for healthy skin types. However, the effects may differ depending on your skin type, the ink used to create the tattoo in the first place and how quickly your body can process and excrete the ink particles.
Laser tattoo removal may leave some scars on some skin types, and the number of treatments needed to remove the tattoo may also vary from one tattoo to the next.

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