Teen Battles Bullies Because of his Facial Birthmark!

Teen Battles Bullies Because of his Facial Birthmark!

A British teenager born with a port wine stain on his left cheek has become a victim of bullying.

It wasn’t until the boy reached school that he became aware of his birthmark and how others would react to the red mark across the bottom of his face. Tired of the constant taunts and stares from his peers and strangers, he decided to undergo birthmark removal treatment.

At Ashbury Cosmetics we have achieved dramatic results with our birthmark removal laser treatment.

Port wine stain birthmarks are one of the most common birthmarks we treat at our Brisbane and Gold Coast Cosmetic centres, as these are generally present and birth and unlike other birthmarks do not fade with age. This type of birthmark affects 3 in every 1,000 people, with legendary singer Tina Turner sporting a port wine birthmark across one of her arms.

Due to the fact that port wine stains regularly occur on the face, many people are psychologically affected by this skin condition.

Port wine stains commonly occur on the face, but can occur anywhere on the body, and often affect large surface areas. The appearance of port wine stains, as the name suggests, are a reddish/purple colour, and raised nodules can form within the area.

Once an appropriate assessment has been made at our Brisbane or Gold Coast cosmetic surgery centre, laser treatment can be performed. Multiple treatments are generally required, and there is usually lightening of the port wine stain, but complete removal is often not possible.

To find out more about laser removal of birthmarks, or to book an appointment at our cosmetic surgery centre, please contact us.