The Best Natural Breasts in Hollywood

The Best Natural Breasts in Hollywood

These celebrities were naturally blessed with the feminine figures we all desire…

1) Halle Berry

At 46 years old the actress and mother has a bust line that defies the laws of gravity! In fact Halle defies the laws of nature completely with her youthful ageless beauty…

2) Jennifer Love Hewitt

This doe eyed beauty has the curvaceous figure to compliment her soft feminine facial features.

3) Christina Hendricks

The star of Mad Men epitomises the bombshell look of the 60’s era with her flame red hair and ample bosom.

4) Salma Hayek

Breast feeding advocate Salma Hayek has been admired for years for her petite yet voluptuous frame.

5) Sophia Vergara

Once told by her agent that she would have to get a breast reduction to get work in Hollywood, the Modern Family Star is now famous for her curvaceous figure.

6) Scarlett Johannson

Complementing her soft feminine features, creamy skin and fair complexion, Scarlett Johannson’s figure helps to differentiate her look from other waif thin actresses.

7) Katy Perry

Famous for playing up her feminine charms with exploding whipped cream cannons and twirling candy brassieres, Katy Perry’s body is every ‘teenage (boys) dream’!

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