Unsatisfied in your skin?

Unsatisfied in your skin?

For years women all over Australia have felt the social pressure to perfect their bodies

Throughout western cultural history, the female form has always been scrutinised. From our ancestors in ye olde England for example, obesity was once considered to be very sexy by society, which is an extreme comparison to today’s social standards. It is no wonder women are flocking to cosmetic clinics to fix themselves, the social pressure to look good is everywhere; in magazines, the internet, billboards, TV. It is almost inescapable.

We want you to love yourself…

At Ashbury on the Gold Coast we think every woman is sexy and should feel comfortable in her own skin. However we know that sometimes loving yourself does not come that easily. Sometimes we need that one nagging thing fixed to give us a boost of confidence.

This is why we specialise in cosmetic surgery for the female and male form respectively.

For the chest region, we offer enhancements and aesthetic solutions which include:

Gain the best treatment and information…

At Ashbury we believe you will only be happy with your treatment if you make a fully informed decision yourself. This is why we will sit with you and explain in detail what each procedure entails, along with any possible risks and expected recovery times. We strive to provide the highest quality service with lifelong results.

For more information on our treatments or to book a consultation, please contact us.