Vein Free Legs for Summer

Vein Free Legs for Summer

Imagine wearing shorts without being embarrassed. Imagine not worrying about unsightly facial spider veins. It’s all possible at Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Centre.

You may not realise it, but whether or not you have unsightly (and sometimes painful) varicose or spider veins is really up to you. It’s a choice, because you can get them removed easily and virtually painlessly at one of the Ashbury Clinics.

According to Dr. James Chen, Dr. Fitzgerald and Dr Grose Cosmetic Doctors at Ashbury Clinic). Patients can take advantage of the experience we’ve gained by helping thousands of men and women put an end to these unsightly veins. And you’ll feel reassured knowing that over 95% of our patients are more than pleased with the results.

Your varicose and spider veins can be eliminated without surgery.

In years past, the only way to remove varicose or spider veins was through painful surgical vein stripping and a long hospital stay.

But now our sclerotherapy treatment enables us to remove varicose and spider veins without surgery using just simple injections. The veins fade away in a few weeks, with little discomfort and no surgical scars, so you can get back to doing the things you love to do immediately.

Discover how easy it is to lose those ugly veins with a no-risk consultation. We offer all new patients the opportunity to see the difference we can make to them. At Ashbury patients will see results of actual cases, receive a comprehensive medical evaluation of your vein problem, get ultrasound testing if necessary, and get a confidential consultation.

Facial veins are also successfully treated by our Argon laser. Spider and varicose veins successfully treated at Ashbury means you can return to normal life immediately.

The team of doctors working with Ashbury are members of the Phlebology (Vein) College of Australia. They look forward to answering any queries you may have about how this advanced medical technology can help you look and feel your best. Simply call the Ashbury Vein and Cosmetic Surgery at Brisbane on (07) 38576188 or Gold Coast (07) 55706800 to arrange a no obligation consultation.