Vein Removal without Surgery

Vein Removal without Surgery

Unsightly varicose and spider veins on the legs are very common among both women and men.

In a recent survey in the USA, it is found that up to 70% of women above 25 years old have some kind of unsightly veins on their legs especially broken capillaries. In some people, it becomes an embarrassment to wear shorts especially in summer.

In the past, the only way to remove varicose veins was through painful surgical vein stripping and hospital stay.

But according to Dr. James Chen, cosmetic doctor at the Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Centre, a new technique called sclerotherapy can remove varicose and spider veins without surgery at all, just a simple injection.

Injection of veins (sclerotherapy) has become common procedure in recent years for eradication of unsightly veins. Injection of an irritant solution can cause these veins to close by destroying the inert layers of cells that lines them. This results in veins closing down, no blood flows through and they disappear.

Prominent capillaries, venules and reticular veins are commonly referred to as ‘broken capillaries’, ‘starburst’, ‘spider’ or ‘surface’ veins. There is frequently a hereditary cause for small surface veins, commonly first seen during teenage years. They are worsened by prolonged standing and pregnancy, and frequently associated with abnormalities of the main veins draining the skin of the legs that can cause bulging varicose veins.

The advantages of sclerotherapy include no scarring, no hospital stay, minimal recovery time and lower cost of treatment.

At Ashbury, Dr. James Chen and his associates have performed over 5000 sclerotherapy treatments over the years. Patients will have the opportunity to review results of actual cases, receive a comprehensive medical evaluation of the vein problem and get ultra-sound testing if necessary.

Dr. James Chen also uses laser treatment to remove broken capillaries on the face. Patients may be able to receive a medicare rebate on some treatment.

Discover how easy it is to lose those ugly veins with a no risk consultation by calling Ashbury Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Centre at Brisbane on (07) 3857 6188 or the Gold Coast on (07) 5570 6800