What Makes Cellulaze Better Than Anti-Cellulite Creams

What Makes Cellulaze Better Than Anti-Cellulite Creams

Cellulaze: the innovative way to get rid of cellulite

Many women and men have dimpled, lumpy signs of cellulite regardless of weight and size. While are looking for an answer to their cellulite woes, very few have found the solution to permanently remove cellulite.

Although creams, brushes and massages can give the illusion of improving the appearance of cellulite, the results are often short-lived. Ashbury Cosmetics offers a real solution to cellulite… Cellulaze!
The effectiveness of this procedure is due to a biological understanding of what cellulite is.
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What is cellulite?

Cellulite presents itself as lumps on the skin and occurs when fat stored beneath the skin pushes through the connective tissue. Getting a bit of cellulite, especially on your thighs, is completely normal. Between 80% – 90% of women will have cellulite at some point in their lives. Cellulite can be caused by many different factors. Some more common factors include obesity, aging and a lack of exercise.

How anti-cellulite creams work

While anti-cellulite creams and oils can appear to reduce the appearance of cellulite, they usually do not work as a long-term solution because they don’t address the real cause of cellulite internally.

Most anti-cellulite products contain high doses of caffeine which improves the blow flow in the treated area and reduces water retention. This makes the skin firmer and reduces the appearance of cellulite temporarily.

Other treatments involve exfoliation and accelerated collagen production to conceal the cellulite under a thicker and tighter layer of skin. This is also a temporary fix as it conceals rather than reduces the cellulite.

Why is cellulite so hard to get rid of?

Cellulite is hard to get rid of because it is caused by the internal structure of the skin and connective tissue. Although this can be prevented to some extent by exercise, the real cause of cellulite is still unknown making it difficult to avoid.

Can Cellulaze really remove cellulite?

Cellulaze can remove cellulite because it works to change the structure of the skin that allows cellulite to appear in the first place.
In a minimally invasive procedure, a small laser is threaded beneath the skin to repair where fat has pushed through.
Simultaneously, Cellulaze encourages the production of collagen which tightens and firms the skin making it thicker and more stable. This way, it is harder for fat pockets to squeeze through the connective tissue.

Cellulite Removal Brisbane

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