What You Need To Know About Liposuction Costs

What You Need To Know About Liposuction Costs

Liposuction remains one of Australia’s most popular cosmetic surgeries, yet the cost can vary substantially.

Liposuction a simple procedure in which a small incision is made to remove fatty deposits and fat cells via a suction pump, accelerating weight loss. Most often, liposuction is done to remove fat from stubborn areas when diet and exercise alone is not enough.

According to clinic comparison site Whatclinic.com, Liposuction was the second most requested cosmetic procedure in 2018, coming in just behind breast augmentation in the first place.

As one of the most popular treatments performed though, the cost of liposuction can vary significantly, ranging anywhere from as cheap as $1,500 to as expensive as $18,000. One of the most frequently asked questions we get from patients enquiring about our liposuction treatments is ‘how much does it cost?’ While there is no simple answer, we believe it’s important for new and existing patients to understand what goes into the cost of liposuction treatments and why they differ.

Overall liposuction costs to consider

Overall, liposuction costs are based on the time spent by the surgeon undertaking the procedure. This is because the duration of liposuction procedures will depend on the total quantity of fat that is removed, as well as the number of areas treated.

For example, a procedure lasting over 2 hours can cost up to $8,000 while liposuction surgery that lasts over 4 hours can cost in excess of $10,000.

As a general rule of thumb, liposuction procedures start at around $2,000, however, this does not cover GST, hospital or general anaesthesia costs, or the costs of the of compression garments that need to be worn following treatment during the recovery phase.

According to Whatclinic.com, the average price for liposuction was $5,067AUD.

Breaking down fee

When you are quoted your surgical fee, there are a few elements involved that can affect the final fee.


Your surgeon’s fees will make up the largest share of the total cost of the procedure. This is because it is the surgeon’s time, as well as experience that you will be paying for. During your initial consultation, the surgeon’s fees will be part of the quotation you are provided with and will vary depending upon factors such as:

  1. The area of the body undergoing liposuction. For example, chin liposuction is often a much shorter procedure compared to abdominal liposuction where there is a substantially larger volume of fat to remove.


  1. The number of areas being treated, as many patients get multiple areas treated in one operation.


  1. Operating theatre time. Certain liposuction procedures can run for over four hours, or in some cases, need to be performed over multiple sessions. The more extensive the treatment, the more expensive it’s likely to be.


  1. Level of expertise in the procedure performed. Many patients naively travel overseas to undergo surgical procedures because they see cheaper costs advertised. However, what they don’t realise is the price in Australia is higher because cosmetic surgeons are required to undertake extensive training to ensure surgeries are not only done safely but to the highest quality.


  1. Level of aftercare. Depending on how extensive the treatment has been, certain patients will require greater levels of post-operative care.

Liposuction at Ashbury Cosmetic

At Ashbury Cosmetic, our liposuction treatments begin at $1,800 and are performed by our experienced liposuction specialist Dr James Chen and Dr Fitzgerald.

Our liposuction costs are lower than most because we are able to perform many of our treatments at our on-site day surgery theatre and can perform most liposuction treatments with either local or twilight anaesthetic.

If you have any questions regarding Gold Coast or Brisbane liposuction costs, don’t hesitate to contact one of our Brisbane or Gold Coast clinics today.